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Question for Canadian Consultants


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Feb 20, 2005
I know I SHOULD know this but can't remember AND can't find it anywhere on CC or in my Recipe for Success. I even asked my director and she came up with two different answers same as I did - and she's been doing this seven years!!

Question is: How much in commissionable sales does a recruit have to have to become 'qualified'? I know it used to be 6 shows or ___$ but now it's $ shows or ___$ but what is the dollar amount? I thought it was $1250 but then I thought NO that's in the US so I think it's $1500 but I can't remember.

My director has just come back from National Conference in the US (she was one of the lucky 15 that went from Canada) and she first said $1250 as well. I said No that's the US and then she said maybe $1500 then. Why, oh why can't we remember?...LOL

P.S. Also, besides my 2% raise at $20,000 in sales do I get anything like a pin or something? I saw it mentioned a silver whisk but my director hasn't been in contact with me for the last couple of weeks and we didn't have a July meeting due to conference. It was just before conference that I earned mine and unfortunately today was the first cluster meeting I've had to miss since I joined due to family from Alberta dropping in onroute to the US for business.
Feb 16, 2005
Qualified Recruits

have completed their 6 shows OR have submitted $1500 in sales. My average is $700, but my cluster average per show in this area is $500 - 600, so recruits can easily qualify with 2-3 shows! I think the change is great for consultants who are willing to work hard from the get go & work on their host coaching.



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Jan 27, 2005
Effective March 1st, 2005 the definition of a qualfied recruit is :
A new Consultant is qualified when he/she submits $1,500 in commissionable sales or submits 4 qualified shows ($200 in commissionable guest sales), which ever comes first.
I've also attached a copy of "Definition of a Qualified Recruit" from Consultant's Corner.


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Jul 27, 2005
Recognition for $20,000 in sales

Jodi, in Canada, once you have reached $20,000 in sales, your Director will present you with a Silver Whisk Charm.
I am glad to see several Canadian PC consultants on this site!..it's wonderful to read the responses from our US PC consultants as well!