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Prizes for Cooking with Kids show

Jan 3, 2005
I have had 2 Cooking with Kids shows at my house last spring and summer. I did them just like a Mystery Host show. So I gave each child who came a packet with 2 pages of kids recipes and a small bamboo spoon each. I also gave away a few things that I had gotten free. Now I have another show on Sunday for someone else and have no idea what game(s) to play or what kind of prize(s) to offer. I wanted to do the bamboo spoons again for each child, but she hasn't given e a number to go buy and order the spoons. I have my doubs that if I order them today that they will be in by Friday. Any and all ideas are appreciated. TIA


Feb 14, 2006
Beth, how did your cooking with kids go? I'm doing one as a mommy & me with my Brownie troop. I'd love and appreciate any advice!!!



Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I tell the kids I'm kind of like their teacher and it's like they're in school so they need to be quiet when someone else is talking, raise hands if they have a question and listen to directions. I tell them if everyone does a great job listening, they'll get a prize at the end. I've usually given them a piece of sidewalk chalk each (in a ziplock bag), some stickers or a bottle of bubbles or some other little toy. They definitely love this! My trick is remembering to hand them out because sometimes I've forgotten about them, so I leave them with the host to get to them.

My advice in doing mommy and me shows is to realize their attention span is SHORT!! You're not going to get to do a "real" demo where moms are actually able to pay full attention to you. That's why I've handed out my list of "Products that are great for kids" flyer with the catalogs. Unfortunately I don't have a current list or I'd attach it. I haven't done a new one with the new catalog yet. Sometimes moms are so wrapped up in watching their kids they don't even have a chance to look at the catalog and may ask to take it home to browse, so don't be surprised. THey are a lot of fun though. Definitely not a relaxing type of show for the moms or you, but it's usually worth it because I know I've booked shows that I otherwise wouldn't have because this type of show has appealed to moms. Good luck!!!!