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Please No Selling on Chef Success


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Apr 14, 2004
I want to keep this website strictly for sharing and helping. So please don't list items for sale. A previous post came thru selling lots of items while I was on vacation- so I'll let it be.
Please review our Guidelines under Announcements if you have any further questions.
I know there is a group site or something where PC Chefs can sell and buy from each other. If anyone knows it please share.

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005

There are alot of pampered chef items and pampered chef consultant items sold on e-bay. I have bought alot of nancy's artwork postcards really cheap that way.


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Mar 16, 2005
you can do this?

I was told by my team that this is not allowed- buying and selling the stuff on ebay, etc. They said they actually have people that are from PC monitoring it. I don't know if this is true. I now there is a group called [email protected] They said they are monitored by home office, but b/c they're all consultants that it's ok. Not sure, but thats what I've been told!


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May 6, 2005
I know consultants do this, but they're not supposed to. It specifically says this on page F-18 and F-19 of Recipe for Success. Now, if you're a "retired" consultant, I think it's ok because you're no longer bound by the policies and procedures. It only hurts us consultants when others get on there and sell products...especially current ones. Although if you look closely, a lot of times, the price goes higher than the retail price, PLUS the buyer has to pay for shipping.

I think on this site under Trading Post that maybe consultants sell discontinued stuff or they are no longer consultants maybe? I'm not sure.


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Jun 20, 2005

There alot of items being sold on ebay that shouldn't be. I actually bought some consultant supplies from someone on ebay. I hope that's okay. If not then I guess I'm in trouble. The items I bought were invites, paperwork, business supplies and the like. I got them @ a great discount.


Jun 18, 2005
Whether we can find a good deal on ebay or not... I don't think we should be buying the stuff. All this does is help the ones selling the stuff, which is not supposed to be done. If we don't approve of them selling, we shouldn't be buying from them or supporting them. If everyone would stop buying from them, they would stop selling. Besides...how are you going to return a damaged product w/o an actual PC receipt. Hope this all makes since.
Let's make those sellers get out and work for their PC $$.
Jul 13, 2005

I contacted ebay and turned someone in that was actually trying to sell a carafe with a duck on it and said it was PC. I'm quite sure it wasn't a consultant, but someone like that doesn't make us look good either. I haven't heard back from ebay, but I feel better that I at least made an attempt to stop that sale.