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Pampered Chef Need low carb recipes


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Apr 14, 2004
Just booked my first low carb show. Does anyone have a good one for demoing our tools? Thanks!


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Apr 13, 2004
Thia Lettuce Rolls

Very Simple recipe from a friend of mine.

Buttercup Lettuce or Ridicio or even Romain lettuce works great for this recipe. I like to use a mix for variety. If you use Romain, Use the large tops of the leaves. Use the Paring Knife or Utility Knife with sharpening cases to trim out the hardest part of the "stem".

Then select different vegies to go with some of the tools you would like to demo.

Food Chopper - Use water chestnuts, very small onion, broccolli, and/or radish for garnish.
Use the jullianne blade for carrots.
Use the thin slice blade to slice cucumber.
Be sure to at least peel the cucumbers, and if you wish, Core out the seeds first.
Cutting boards, knives, veggie peeler, Cook's Corer, USG used for vegetable prep.
Mushrooms with the Egg Slicer Plus but make sure to turn the mushroom and slice again to make match stick size pieces.
Then using the Large Batter Bowl, combine 1/2 cup light Soy Sauce, 1 teaspoon brown sugar, you may substitue Equal for this but taste test it first and also check to see if anyone is allergic.
Whisk to disolve the sugar or Equal. Add 1 tablespoon of Seasame Oil or Olive oil. You can also add a touch of Ground Black Pepper using fresh from Our Pepper Grinder or even a touch of hot red pepper flakes for some umph!Marinate your vegetables in the mixture for about 10 minutes. Toss a few times to coat them while in the Batter Bowl.
Place vegetables and some marinade in a medium S.A. Bowl with the new Nylon Slotted Spoon. Seperate the lettuce leaves while vegetables marinate. Place these on the Large S.A. Platter leaving room in the center of the platter for the Medium Bowl. Now add some extra touches by putting toasted Sesame Seeds in Small S.A. Bowl with one of the new Small Bamboo Spoons. Toast the Sesame seeds on one of the bar pans, one of the ovals or the rounds. 300 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes. Better yet, if you can, use the Professional Small Saute Pan on medium heat. Stir almost constantly. Either way keep an eye on these as they will go from toasted to black quickly. You may be able to buy them already toasted.
Use another for Sliced Green onion - use Utility Knife or Chef's Knife for Prep. Use the Small Serving Tongs for these.
Remember that Sesame Seeds do contain carbs. Now here's a treat and it is a little pricy but you can substitue Tahini, for the sesame seeds.

Have guest assemble the rolls by picking a lettuce leaf or two. Spread on a little Tahini if available. Then add some of the marinated Vegetables and garnish with green onion, chopped raddish, and/or Seasame Seeds and roll them up to create a wrap with out bread!

You can add bean sprouts or shredded cabbage or what ever you think would work well.