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Ordering the Monthy Host Specials Early

Jul 12, 2005
A couple of weeks ago I read in one of the threads that we (consultants) could take advantage of the monthy host specials in the month prior to the special (ex. we could purchase the September special (a stone for 60% off) this month). Is there any truth to this and if it is how do we order? :confused:
Guest special

I do not think we can take advantage of the host special, if I'm wrong please correct me. We can take advantage of the guest special beforehand. I am not sure which form we have to send it on, maybe Personal order possibly paperwork/supply.

I don't know why I responded. I'm no help! :p
The ony way we can get the host special is to host a show of our own...take 150.00 in outside orders. We can purchase the guest special during the month before.

I thought it was the guest specials that we could get the month before the show.
Host vs guest specials

No we cannot get the host special the month prior only the guest special, which I definately took advantage of by getting 5 pieces of stoneware for the 20% off and then on top of that we get our 20% off so is was a great deal for a total of 40% off!! Life is good life is good. We can only get the host special if we host a show.
So how then do we order the guest special in advance?
You go into PP..........

and you go to non-commisioned orders and you select personal order and you add the guest special codes. Your pampered partner automatically deducts the 20% consultant discount and the guest code do the other 20%. But be warned I had to set up my PP to do the consultant 20% discount and I cant remember how I did that. But you probably already have that done. If not ask for help and I am sure someone will give it :)
Thanks - I tried that and it is not accepting the guest special code for next month for the jar opener. Am I missing something.
You would probably need to update it for the next month...it wont recognize a number that is for a "special" since it is not the correct month for it?
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When PC does a guest special where if you spend a certain amount, you get something free then we can't get that unless we spend the amount specified to get it free. For example, you would need to place a personal order, use your 20% discount and still spend $50 out of pocket (before S/H) to get the jar opener free. That's what I was told so if I'm wrong, someone please correct me. :)
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Thanks for all the information.....I guess I missed it for September. :(
I wasn't even aware we could take advantage of these specials. I had remembered reading on one of the threads but I thought it was for the Host Special.
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:) You didn't miss it for September. You have until September 30th to place your own personal order. If you need help, please feel free to contact me.
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Thanks Kristi!!!! :p I just did a personal order for the stones and it worked!
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Threeboys2lov said:
Thanks Kristi!!!! :p I just did a personal order for the stones and it worked!

You're welcome! I hate it when I feel like I've missed something! Have fun with your new stoneware! :D
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way to get a disount on stones.

I have an even better deal for the guest specials- If you know the host- you can always add on to hers. There's 2 ways- For example for this months host special you can get as many stones as you want at the additional 20 % off-right? So what I did is I had a hostess who had a 30% dicount earned by her show, then the 20% off for the guests- which gave her 50% off. Well I ordered some stones on her discount- she doesn't know b/c I just added it last minute and it doesn't affect her show total. Then add in your commission on that and the minimum you took off is 70%!!! How awesome is that! Second way is take advantage of the guest specials that say they need $50.00 in sales. Just add 2 orders together to get the $50.00 and you get the free item. I usually add on something that I need and then up a show thats close to $50.00 and let the host know I ordered _____ so when you see that set it aside for me and I'll swing by and pick it up! I earned a free cookbook this way and mulitiple stones!!
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I do it all the time!!!

I have never put in a personal order throught PP at our consultant 20% off. I always add it to a host order, that is what my recruiter suggested, because that way we get the 20-30% off AND make commission off our buy, just like previously mentioned. I always just give the host their total then ask if they mind if I add stuff for myself that I am needing then add to it after I give them thier total, then the difference of the show is what will be out of your pocket. I too just let them know I'll pick it up from them when their show comes in. I do favors for my hosts by mailing out thier invitations/pick up their ingredients, and by the time the show is closing we've become great partners..... so - Why not..... 20-30% off PLUS commission - sure beats 20% off with shipping costs!!!!
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You can add your commission?

So let me get this straight. You can add an order to your hosts, and get your 20% consultant discount along with their 20% (or more) host discount?? WOW! I had no idea. :eek:
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Adding it to a show also helps your career sales, and Show-To-Go
my 2 cents
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Livin4Him24_7 said:
So let me get this straight. You can add an order to your hosts, and get your 20% consultant discount along with their 20% (or more) host discount?? WOW! I had no idea. :eek:

It wouldn't be a consultant discount, it would be the hosts discount. She can get an unlimited amount of anything in the catalog with her 15%-30% discount.

If it is being shipped to you it is even easier! Just take it... if it is being shipped to her, I just tell her I added to her show - they never mind.
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Got it now! 20% commission and hosts discount! :eek: It was late when I read it. But everything is clear this morning, lol! Thanks!!!
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If you order with your hosts' discounts, how does the warranty work when you have a problem with an item you bought?
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I don't know how the warranty would work except to maybe keep in touch with the host so she can call in the problem for you.

When you place a non-comission order, it won't even count towards any of your incentives so I definitely add my order on to another show, if I don't have one to add to, I create my own catalog show, it's normally pretty easy to get a couple of orders and add yours to it. All you have to do is come up with a fake host name to use like bob smith and send it c/o you at your address. you will then always have a PHD number you can use so if you want to offer an additional 10% off for whatever reason, just use that name and number or you have the additional 10% off to your 20% in comission.

I know it's wrong to "cheat" the system, but Pampered Chef still makes money off of the orders either way, why not use it to our advantage??
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Open House

Hi, I am new here and just ordered my kit....Waiting for it to arrive :) I am
so excited...But I was wondering, when I have my open house do I receive
the host benefits, although I am also the kitchen consultant??? :eek:
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yes, you will be the host of your show and just like all hosts you get to take advantage of the host special for the month as well as earning free stuff and half priced stuff. You will not be able to take advantage of the booking benefit...meaning, if someone books a show from this one, you will not get to purchase the host special at their show. The only way we can take advantage of host specials is by hosting an actual show during the month it is offerered. Any time I gather orders I always turn it in as a show in my name. This is a great way to add to your kit and get those more expensive pieces...such as cookware.

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Thanks a lot Shawna! I really want to do as much as possible to get products
to add to my kit. I am hoping I get a big turnout. I so far have 34 people to
invite. I may have 2 shows in case people can not come to my first one.

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