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One good show away from summer product promo


Jan 13, 2005
I need about $430 more for the month to get the new summer products!
I have no other shows booked. I had planned to do a Mystery Host Bingo Show of my own at the end of the month but out of 40 people I invited (to hopefully get 10) I have had no interest. No wonder our hosts get frustrated with attendance!! Anyway, if I could add 1 kitchen show or 2 catalog shows I could make it. Everyone that I call wants to book for May. Any suggestions how I can get booked for April instead of May? I have offered free shows were I purchase recipe ingredients, etc. but this doesn't seem to be enough for them to book for April. TIA



Novice Member
Apr 11, 2005
Tyr offering a larger incentive. Maybe any stone 1/2 off, an additional $$ credit off their order, a popular product (food chopper, scrapers...) for $5, offer a "white sale" for the guests - everything in the catalog that is white 5% or 10% off. You could alos send out her invitations for her.

I would add that the show must be at least so much in sales. This way it helps you reach your goal and you end up negitive in the end. These all cost us money, but sometimes they can be worth it.

Best of luck,


Mar 26, 2005
Try to pitch Mother's Day

You may have tried this already, but I'll offer the suggestion anyway. You can maybe call the potential May host and tell them that you were thinking that they may want to push their show up a week or so, because shipping is guaranteed to arrive for Mom's Day when the orders are placed before 4/26.
You can just say that you want them to have the best show ever, and make the most of their host rewards, so having guests buying for Mom's Day might boost show sales. Inform her that she'll probably get a better turn out this way. Then you "work your butt off " :) at the show telling how great these products are for Moms etc. Then she can be enthusiastic to her guests, telling them its like a Mom's Day shopping w/o the hassle (even encourage the gift certifs).

I got a May 7th guest to pull her show up to April this way. Maybe it can work for you.