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New Cooking Show DVD

Michael Serrano

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Nov 7, 2005
I saw this mentioned somewhere on the site, but don't remember the details being discussed. I joined in mid-nov with my SS1 being Jan 2006. I received in my starter kit the VHS (eww! Lol) video showing a sample cooking show. I heard that we were suppose to get an updated DVD featuring the Cucina Italiana recipes and new Cooking Show demo. Was this suppose to come FREE in our change over kit? I got my kit a while back, but no DVD. I just recently received the "book box" with my new recipe for success and PP


Aug 5, 2005
I also thought we were supposted to receive one, but oh well. I ordered the DVD from paperwork/supply. The order number is AW37- $5.00.



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Dec 30, 2005
You actually get it when you order your "booster" supply...which, if your SS 1 was January, you better get it in NOW! :p

Our SS 1 was February, I JUST found (okay, I overlooked it before!) the yellow flyer that came with the SS kit and called HO to see if I could just order the booster online, or on the phone and I was told "no" I had to mail it in...

So get going!!!! It is a good DVD!


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Feb 19, 2006
Spring into Success 2006

When you place your first supply order with the Spring paperwork, you will receive the DVD. It showcases three recipes but has the additional six elsewhere on the DVD.
I got mine yesterday......I love watching the speed up recipe demo and so do my kids!!

Have a Pampered Day! :)

~Erin Smith
[email protected]


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Oct 6, 2005
It was supposed to come with your first paperwork order of the new season. I placed an order on 2/6 and didn't get it.

I called on Monday to request it. The rep was quite snotty, saying it would come with my March supply order. I said what if I don't order anything in March? She then RELUCTANTLY agreed to do an adjustment and send it to me.

SO, call or email CS and request that they send it to you ASAP!