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New Consultants looking for business

Apr 1, 2005
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I have two new consultants on my team that just moved here from another part of the country, want to get their business moving. I want them to move on their own without bookings from me. Does anyone out there have flyers on where they can attract new business?

Thanks, Robin


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Feb 3, 2005
I have a few things...not sure how helpful they will be.

I did get a lot of ideas from the Lemon-Aid Lady last year at conference. She had great ideas. I'd suggest everyone sign up for her free newsletter. She has great unusual ideas. One idea that was great for new areas was to go door to door in one neighborhood and tell them there is going to be a PC show in their neighborhood and would they like to attend. Take name, address, phone on sheet of paper. Once you get a person who is VERY excited and show her the list and tell her SHE can be the host for the show and you already have a list of guests who want to attend.

Another idea is to take a lots of recipe cards and put all ingredients but ONE and leave info to call. You can put these up in a store or on a bulletin board.

A great place to go is to a place like Curves. Leave catalogs and offer to do a demo of healthy cooking.

You can also go talk to local schools and discuss fund-raisers for next school year. Most schools decide on fund-raisers at the end of the year (for the following year). Also talk to dance studios who are always trying to raise money for competitions and costumes. Visit other groups that might need a fund-raiser (soccer, football, etc.).

Also approach real eastate agents for thank you gifts. (I've attached a realtor letter and gift ideas).


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Feb 18, 2005
Another Idea...

I just started with PC last month. April is my super starter month 1 and I just had my second show this past Saturday. One thing I have done at both shows is make cutouts and put dates on them. This past Saturday I used Easter Egg cutouts that my daughter made for me and I had dates between now and July on them. I let everyone know that if you book one of those dates you will receive a gift on the day of your show. I am using some of the door prize ideas from the supply form as their gifts. Between my first 2 shows I have booked 6 more from that idea alone. I also always make sure that when I am going over someones order to check and see if they are interested b/c sometimes they forget that the "eggs" are there.
Apr 20, 2005
Hi, I am new as of Sunday, and had a question. I agreed to host a show, then the person I am hosting for also recruited me. But I don't know many people, so all the people I invited are going to book under her. If they book, but that means I am not going to have a lot of parties lined up. So should I do flyers? I am confused.

Jena-Lyn Hardin-Root


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Feb 2, 2005
When I was recruited, my recruiter gave me all the bookings from my show. I think that is what most people do.



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Feb 3, 2005
You NEED to ask your recruiter if you can have the bookings from your show to help you get started. That is what she SHOULD do. Explain to her that you don't know many people and you really need those bookings from your show to get off to a good start.

Let us know what she says.