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New Consultant - Worried about bookings


Novice Member
Jul 24, 2005
Hi everyone, I am so excited I found you all! I'm a new consultant and I'm a bit worried about getting bookings to begin with. I don't have much family in town, and really most of my friends live out of state. I am having my first party at my home, sort of as an open house, where I'll have several recipes already prepared. I plan on preparing at least one recipe at the show, but I wanted to have a few different things for my guests to sort of taste test.

I have maybe 20 people to invite however, being honest with myself, I expect maybe 5 or 6 to actually show up. I do already have 2 parties booked for September, and I have several catalogues I've mailed out, so hoping those turn into book shows.

I set up my website. I gave a catalogue to my pediatrician's secretary this morning (she was pretty excited), but I'm unsure of what else to do.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Oh, and because I signed up through a friend that lives in another state, I haven't even been to a PC party in about 5 years! I love the products, am extremely enthused about them and really want to make this a success.

Thanks ahead of time.

Tracy Ritts


Gold Member
Oct 5, 2004

Congratulations on starting your new biz! You'll find lots of great ideas on this forum.

Call your out of town contacts to see who would like to be your first catalog show hosts! Their products will be shipped directly to them, so distance is not an obstacle.

Follow up with all of the invitations you send for your open house (as someone mentioned here, you might want to avoid calling it an open house so that you have your guests arrive when you want them to!), by making a phone call to each guest and personally inviting them. You might be surprised what that will do for your numbers. Also, remind your guests to bring someone you haven't invited...this will be the beginnings of your expanded network.

Watch your videos and listen to your audio tapes...they'll help you with ideas on how to approach your show.

Now, take a deep breath, relax! You'll be great! :D



Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
CONGRATS and WELCOME! The first thing you need your recruiter to do is to get you a hospitality director so you can attend meetings. I believe this is one of the things you can do that will have a direct impact on your business.

If you are looking for ideas for bookings, do a search for the word bookings and you will find a TON of posts on this subject.

Good luck and let us know how we can help!


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May 6, 2005
Congrats on starting your business! You're going to love it! Maybe once you get hooked up with a hospitality director and cluster (I strongly recommend that!), you can also go observe a couple kitchen shows. It's nice to see different styles and it'll be a good "refresher." Definitely ask your recruiter/director to locate a hospitality director. Good luck to you! As you know, you can post questions on here and everyone is SO helpful in answering everything.


Novice Member
Jul 24, 2005
Thank you

For your welcome and your advice! I have booked another kitchen show for September and also another catalog show.

That means I have a total of 4 kitchen shows and 2 catalog shows between now and the end of September.

I've also ordered a bunch of the new mini-catalogs and am going to go door to door in my neighborhood to introduce myself. For anyone that's not home, I'll leave the mini-catalog with a letter of introduction at their door.

I've promised myself to find a new way each week to get my name out there.

Thanks again!