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New Consultant looking for info on Bookings

Jan 21, 2006
Hello all,
I've been doing this for about 3months (Jan. stuck, but Feb looks better) I was wonder if any one is "self sustanting" with bookings and how long it took you to become "self sustanting".

By "self sustanting" I mean you get enough bookings from your shows to keep your calander as full as you wanted. Without "cold calls" and such.

How long did it take you, how many shows did you do to get there, how long have you been "self sustanting"? How many shows a week do you do?

I'm wondering if it will get easier to get the bookings.

I'm working on making my shows more fun. To help with that but I'm not sure what else I could be doing to increase Cooking Show bookings from other Cooking shows.

Any help would be great to thoughs of us that are new!!! :eek: