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Need some advice!


Mar 26, 2005
I am going to give birth in about 6 weeks, and my pregnancy hasn't been too easy, (I've been put on modified bed rest, ie. no working ) so I decided to only do catalog shows for the next 2 months or so. I need advice on how to keep things going during my "maternity leave". I do consider myself a creative person, but I want to be sure I am doing everything possible to keep the ball rolling during my off season. I have only been doing PC for 3 months and I don't want to have to "start all over" again when I recup from delivery.

I have only two definite catalog shows for June and 2 for July. I also have 3 people interested in the business opportunity.

I am running the booking special that I got off this site for June (close the catalog show on a certain date and get the item for that price~with a $400 show) and I'm giving 10% off to anyone who books a catalog show in June, July and August (as long as it is a qualified show).

I sent out my newsletter (with the attachment about the Dollar Days hosting benefit), give thank you letters, have a Preferred Customer Circle (to those who have accumulated $100 in purchases from me- I give the Preferred Customer Card to get 10% off your 11th order and send them a special email with the monthly PC Showstopper Recipe, a recipe using items they have, and invitation to order with a show I am having).

I have also sent out host packets to my family on the east coast, b/c when I email or call, I don't get a response, so I figured I should actually send the packet so they can see the "live" catalog and all the information regarding hosting to pique their interest. I did that last week and haven't heard
anything yet.

Is there anything else you guys can suggest I can do during this off period?? I don't mind less sales, b/c this is my extra money and doesn't really go to the family bills, etc., but I do want my business to continue to flourish. I am planning on a hosting special for July also.

Sorry for the lengthy post, I really wasn't going to even ask, and then I just thought I'd go for it b/c many times you all have ideas that haven't even barely crossed my mind. I am also planning another open house when I have finished my maternity leave. Thanks in advance for brainstorming with me!


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Feb 3, 2005
Sounds like you really have thought things through and have planned.

I would just let people know how they can help you. People like to help if they can. Ask them to help you out now.

Good luck. Let us know how things go with the baby and with all your catalog shows.


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May 6, 2005
I agree, it sounds like you really have some great ideas and are already doing a lot to keep your business moving. I had a baby 9/04 and didn't need to take the leave of absence because I wanted to keep my business going. I did put things on the back burner a little bit, but really kept up with things via email as much as I could. My goal was to at least have the minimum $200 every two months. Luckily one of my last shows closed later than I thought, so that counted for one month's sales. The next month I maybe had one catalog show, but the month after that, I had two to three shows and have steadily increased it since then.

Maybe offer a Customer Appreciation Sale. I did that in February and it was over $1000 in sales! I've been doing PC for two years, so my customer base is probably bigger. I sent out an email and explained that if they called or emailed me during the following time frames, they got a discount:
10-11 am - 20% off
11-12 pm - 15% off
12-2 pm - 10% off
2-4 pm - 5% off

Of course everyone did it at the highest discount and I wished that I didn't give away so much of my commission, but it at least got me a good chunk of sales during double points month! So, you may want to think about doing that, but don't give away that much commission. It is a tax write off though because in PP, I listed it as a consultant gift when I figured out the payments.

I found what helped during the few months around having my baby is that if I specifically asked for people's support and told them my goal (of not having to take a leave from Pampered Chef) people seemed more willing to host at least a catalog show. I like your incentives for hosting during those months and you can maybe even hold an extra contest for the host with the highest show during that time wins a basket of products (make them all small little gadgets or extras you have on hand).

Good luck and keep us updated about your baby. Congratulations! :)


This is a great thread! I just finished my third PC month and plan on getting pregnant with #2 this fall, so it's helpful to hear all this maternity-related advice!


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Jan 16, 2005
Post Pregnancy

Well I Wish I Knew About This Site While I Was Pregnant.... I Had To Take The Leave And Pay $25.00 Which Is Really Not That Bad To Keep My Status And Business Going.

These Are Really Good Ideas And I Will Also Keep Them For The Next Baby :)

My Little One Is 3 Months Old Already I Missed Out On Alot Of Incentives!


Mar 26, 2005
Thanks & Leave info

Thank you all for the boost and the advice. I was not sure if I was going to take the formal personal waiver, but I just might because I can still submit whatever sales I do get during that period.

To answer the last post: You can get a personal waiver for up to 3 months for maternity, and I guess family problems, etc. and you won't have to be considered "inactive" if you don't have the minimum $200 comm. sales in 2 months to stay active. That way you still get company mailings, emails and notices of incentives, etc. If you don't do the waiver you can be inactive, but to become active again, you simply submit the $200 in comm. sales. Its just that during that inactive time, you won't get access to Consultant's Corner and all the stuff I mentioned.

I think the $25 the other poster was talking about is for re-instating once inactive for a year, but I am not sure.
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