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Need Ideas For Hospitality Set

Feb 20, 2005
Does anyone have any good deas for the Hospitality set? Especially those little Boats?

Also....if anyone does anything unique with the hospitality stand that would be great too!


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Jan 21, 2005
I have the large rectangle on our bathroom sink (we have a double sink with some space between). It holds things like hairspray and cologne. In front of it I have the long skinny boat with things like pony tail bands, dental floss, etc... and two of the small boats are on the large rectangle with things like earrings and rings. Works great and takes much less space than the square tray I used to have there!

I use the hospitality stand in front of my kitchen sink with a medium bowl and 2 small bowls and have various things in it depending on the season and my mood/need. I also have a hospitality stand that I'm using everytime I have guests this time of year with the white large rectangle in it on top of a patriotic napkin placed sideways so there's a corner sticking out on each side. On top of the rectangle is the cranberry bowl from the entertaining set (red, white & blue - HA). I'm using it for dip and vegetables when people are over. (I've been having the Ice Cream Sandwich Torte in the Chillzanne Rectangular Server lately so I had to do something different for the veges!) ;)
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Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Any time my mom has parties at her house, she uses the little rect. boats for crackers. The smaller, more expensive shaped crackers fit in there perfectly and look great!
Jan 16, 2005
Take the hospitality stand and the large boat and place 3 candles on it for a display on your table. Looks awesome with the entertaining set pieces.