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My hosts all cancelled.



Thats right.
All of them.

I have nothing, and because I am new, I have called all the leads I have and no one wants to host.

I am going to drop off flyers door to door today in my neighborhood, and hopefully get something.

Anyone have suggestions?


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Apr 14, 2004
Maybe they just aren't aware of how much fun and how much free they can get by having one of our shows. Think about having a Holiday Open house at your home. Invite everyone plus those hosts who cancelled. You could even do a Mystery Host show where there's a drawing for the host benefits!
Plus don't hesitate to contact your director for other ideas and help.
Good luck-


Jun 20, 2004
Sara, I am sooo glad you saw the listing for someone wanting a party! :cool:
One thing, always carry catalogs with you. Nancy's Art Work has a neat sticker that says something like: Look inside, if you like what you see, get me 5 orders and get something free. They are cute, but you could do something like that, too.
Or make your own sticker on that says "Free cookbook with any order" since every order gets a Season's Best this month.
Do you have a free weekly newspaper in town? Be sure to advertise your open house. Or put an ad in saying you are a new Independent Kitchen Consultant for Pampered Chef, and you would like to help people solve their dinner problems, holiday gift problems, whatever sounds good. Offer a free gift worth $???? for the first 3 people who contact you. They get their gift (your choice, ordered on their host order with discount) when they close the party.
Good luck. And keep checking out this site. There have been a lot of WONDERFUL ideas here.


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Oct 28, 2004

I had a similar thing happen to me for my November shows. I was pretty depressed because I was planning on those shows to find new hosts. See if there are some Holiday Bazaars or fairs in your area and buy a booth. You can usually find them at Churches, Community Centers and School. Check your local classifieds. They are listed after the Garage Sales in our paper. Even if the Fair is this week see if you can still get in. You are bound to find people at the fair who want to buy stuff and book a party. I am planning on running a couple specials at the fairs I am going to.

First, I have a drawing box for $20 of free Pampered Chef items of their choice. Have them fill out the regular comment cards. This will provide you with a bunch of people to call on.

Secondly, they can win the $20 Shopping Spree if they book a party at the fair. I made a time limit. They need to book it by Dec 8th. Once that is filled I will move on to the next dates.

Thirdly, I am donating 10% to the organization who is having the fair. All of mine are nonprofits, so I can treat this as a Pampered Chef fundraiser. I am hoping by doing so I will increase the sales at the fair. And since I have no money of my own to give this year it is a way for me to get into the Spirit of Giving.

I have a couple of those plastic standing frames, you can get them at office supply stores. In each I have one of the specials I am running. Let me know if you want to see the flyers. Email me off list and I will send them to you.

Good luck and keep your head high!!

Let us know how it goes!
Feb 3, 2005
This happened to me too!!

ALL but one of my March hosts cancelled! AND March is my last superstarter month and I have $500 in my reserve bank. I was in a panic. I called my director and looked over this website. I decided to have a Mystery Host Kitchen Show because all of my friends and family have already hosted shows for me. I sent invitations to EVERYONE whos address i had. I just sent the invites out this week and already have 10 RSVPs and another catalog show booked! Everyone is so excited. I am hoping that between the three shows i have in March I will make my bonuses!

I'll keep you all updated!

Amber :p
Feb 21, 2005
I had this happen to me last month! I had 5 shows booked and 4 of them cancelled. I decided to start this month out with an open house. I did a mystery host drawing for all of the sales. It really helped me out. I only had 10 people show up but, I had 7 orders totaling $650 and one march show, two in April and a Pampered Bride show this spring! It really got me motivated for the remainder of the month.