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Letter to New Consultants First Hosts


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Apr 14, 2004
Dear _____________________:

Hi! I'm Cynthia Nurss, _______________'s trainer and director for The Pampered Chef. I'd like to personally thank you for being one of the first shows that _____________will do as a Pampered Chef Consultant! You have a very important role and your generosity is appreciated greatly by us both! By allowing people to come into your home, you will give _____________ the exposure she needs to launch her business successfully. Your Kitchen Show is one of the most important demonstrations that she will ever do. As her director, I'd like to share with you a Recipe of Success that will help make this evening a success for the both of you.

1. Please mail out all 40 invitations at least 14 days before your show! Use the Guest Planner in your Kitchen Show guide to make a list of guests. Don't worry about having too many! About half or less of your invited guests will be able to come. People are busy, so it's hard to pick a perfect night for everyone! It'a very important to invite many people! Let me give you three reasons why:

If you invite 40, statistically 20 can't make it, 5 may forget, so you will have about 12 -15 people in attendance out of 35-40! (Tried and true statistic!) Good attendance will make your show a success! We say: "15 is the FUN number!"

No one's feelings have ever been hurt by being invited but feelings are hurt if NOT invited. You'll find that if your friends and family are familiar with Pampered Chef, that they will be thrilled to be included!

Pampered Chef is a very low pressure company. If you have a good crowd at your show, your guests will be purchasing what they want, and not what they might feel pressured to buy because of a small crowd. Have you ever been to a show where there were only four or five?

2. When taking RSVP's, be ENTHUSIASTIC!!! Explain that Pampered Chef kitchen shows are like cooking shows on TV, but they get to taste the food! PLUS, they will get great tips and easy recipe ideas. Use your Guest Planner to keep track of who is coming. Ask everyone: "Who do you know you could bring along with you?" rather than saying: "Bring a guest." If someone can't come, ask them if they would like to see a catalog. Outside orders can really add up which will impact the amount of free gifts you and _____________will receive!

3. Call all guests on your list 5-7 days before your show. Even if they said that they are coming, it doesn't hurt to give them a reminder call so that they don't forget. Ask them what recipes and products they'd like to see demonstrated. Tell them you are calling to find out a "headcount" of how many are coming to be sure you have plenty of samples for everyone. _____________ will be calling you to set the menu and make final arrangements 2-3 days before your show date.

4. Review the Kitchen Show Planner in your packet so that you will know all of the ways for you to earn points. Those points are what earns you FREE merchandise!!! You receive points for closing your show within one week of your show date, the number of bookings, number of orders and amount of sales.

5. Please keep your original date because ________________ is counting on these first shows to work towards specific goals! Did you know that she also will receive FREE merchandise during her first six months, in addition to earning a paycheck?? So both of you are getting great kitchen tools!

If you follow these steps, your show will be a great success. You will earn wonderful Pampered Chef products that will enhance the time you spend in the kitchen.

Thanks again for helping _____________ get off to a great start!

Best regards,

Cynthia K. Nurss

Independent Advanced Sales Director for The Pampered Chef