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Pampered Chef: Bookings Ladies Night Out!

  1. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    A consultant friend of mine has heard it's a neat idea to bill your shows as ladies night out events.
    Mar 1, 2005
  2. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    To continue this further- you can do something like an express show. But focus on lots of time to catch up and sociallize. For recipes, you could concentrate on chocolate/ desserts or healthy recipes and have it ready to eat when they get there. Maybe do a 15 minute intro mainly focusing on the monthly specials and some new products.
    You might get some groups who want to have one every month for a long time. I did this years ago for a subdivision. I probably did 12 shows for the neightborhood over 12-15 months. Each month someone new would book- get the host benefits. It was fun and I really got to know many of them.
    Mar 3, 2005
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