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Need flyer for Ladies Night Out event! Help!


Gold Member
Jan 11, 2010
Hello all,

Another consultant (who happens to be an advanced director and trainer) and I will be at a Ladies Night Out event for our local P3 football team. The lady organizing it has decided to hand out bags to all the guests that come in the door. Instead of putting catalogs in every bag (we will give it to those who really want one at our table) we were thinking of making a flyer instead.

One option We are thinking of is along the lines of a coupon for a "free" show where we would bring the ingredients, small plates & napkins. And if they have 12 or more confirmed guests, we would throw in the makings for a margarita punch as well.

The other option would be to make a coupon for $20 in additional FREE shopping credit if they book a July or August show with a party min of $400 in guest sales (or something to this effect).

Does anybody else already have a flyer like this made up? Or some different thoughts on the idea?




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Jul 26, 2009
This is just off the cuff, but I would include a recipe. People are more likely to consider it and keep it if you engage their mental taste buds. Maybe even a recipe on the back with some pictures of the tools used.