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Jack 'N Jill Show


May 19, 2005
I'm at a loss for a Jack 'N Jill show. My host wants to have a couples show. I suggested having a prep/cooking contest between the guys/girls but at a loss on how to set this up.
If you have experience with this type of show PLEASE help.


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May 6, 2005
Here's something I cut and pasted from an old post I did because I had a couples show back in July.....

I had a couples show a couple months ago that was similiar. She was expecting about 17 couples, so not quite as big. I had always wanted to do a couples show and she booked off another show when I started talking about wanting to do one. The funny thing is she had hosted a PC couples show a few years before, so she knew a good way to do it. She had a pretty big house, so this was easy to do, but basically we split everyone up into four separate groups. Each group did a recipe, so I brought most of my products to this and I have a lot! I brought duplicates of somethings, but had to coordinate the recipes so I'd have enough products to go around or share. THis is what we made: Chicken Enchilada Ring, Shrimp Wonton Cups, Turtle Fudge Skillet Cake and one of the dessert pizzas...I forget which one. It ended up working pretty well. She had nuts and candy out and of course drinks. You're right in thinking once people get a few martinis in them, you're pretty much out of luck trying to control the group. My host told me that the other consultant years ago did her little presentation at the beginning (no demo or anything, just some business stuff and announcements), then let everyone go to it. That's what I did. I started off playing a game (I found a funny one on here that was a quiz about the products....reading the descriptions, some of which were sexual innuendos, and the group had to guess the products.) I threw Hershey's hugs and kisses to people who took stabs at answering. I also passed around about 11 products that are a little odd and most people (especially the men) didn't really know what they were, so they guessed. I also gave them kisses and hugs. I literally threw them at them, so I warned them they'd better not talk and be inattentive or else they'd get whipped in the head with one. Another thing I heard here was to tell the husbands they weren't allowed to leave and wander off to do their own thing or else that gave the wives permission to spend at least $100. That got some laughs.

I HAD planned to reconvene in the family room after the recipes were in the oven to review some other stuff, but I realized soon after they started making the recipes that it was NOT going to happen. They were all having fun and I didn't want to seem like the party pooper. Everyone had a good time, so I was pretty disappointed when I only got one booking. OH well. And the show wasn't as good as I expected. I think probably only 15 couples came, which obviously only means 15 potential orders. It wasn't even a $500 show when I left that night. Several couples didn't order, which was fine with me. But the host didn't work very hard on getting outside orders and I think that could've made a HUGE difference. It did close out over $500, but I was thinking it would have been more.

My advice is not to do too much of a demo, if one at all. With that group of people, it'll be hard for everyone to see anyway, so they'll be distracted and end up talking. Having THEM make the recipes is a great idea. I just walked around and checked to see if people had questions or needed help. Looking back, I wish I would have gotten into the mix of each group at the tables they were at and demo'd stuff right there. I barely talked about the products due to this format and that may have hurt me.

Anyway, it's late and I know I'm rambling, so feel free to email me if you have other questions. Doing a search on here for "Couples Show" would be a great idea. Good luck! This has the potential to be HUGE


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Jan 16, 2005
Couples Show

ok this is not my idea, i got this from another vet consultant in the business for 11 years... she used this for a regular hostess, who told her that all was just interesting in buying the new products.... I am getting ready to have a show where they will be drunk, i've been forwarned, and not to plan on talking too much, said just make sure recipe has lots of products and her shows tally 1000.00 in the past ( she dumped her old consultant) SO this was her idea... She is going to play VANNA WHITE... you know that DVD we got in our kits... she is taking her laptop and showing that ... and when they talk about an item... she shows it and passes it around.... in the mean time the recipe that they picked out is in the oven baking.... and on the DVD they show 3 fast paced demos' (really cool when they are drunk) well at the end of the DVD.... the recipe is done... you pull it out and serve! WAA LA... simple easy... i am going to ask my hostess to see if this is something she would like too...