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Invitation Labels through PP

Feb 22, 2005
I know that I have seen this posted here but I just can't find it. I have searched under everything that I can think of but with no results... here I go.

I have been mailing my hosts invitations but hand writing them. I am ready to advance...

I entered my guest lists into PP just as I would guests as a show. I want to be able to print my labels from here as well. The other day I was reading something about being able to print them directly from this show. I know that I could go check each one individually but I would like to start right out of the gate with a quick way if possible.

Poster of this idea.... Please help :confused:


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Jan 27, 2005
Yep, you can print out mailing labels from your contact list.

Go into PP and choose Print from the menu bar at the top.
From the pop up menu, select Generate Pampered Partner Reports.
From that pop up menu, select Contact mailing labels (it's near the bottom). Then a list will pop up with all of your contact info - then you can choose to print them all, or select which ones you want.
The only thing is, you have to have added the people to your contact list.
Hope this helps. :)


Jul 12, 2005
I started printing labels for my postcards that way, but I found it took too long. So, this is what I do:
I get the guest list, and I type the names into this file that I've made (attached below). I obviously change the names/addresses for each show. Then I print, and I print directly on the invitations themselves! That saves me time on sticking labels, as well as on the cost of labels!

When you print the file, you must go to Print, then Properties, and change the paper size to Index Card-4x6. There you go! Just insert the invitations into your printer, and print! (do a test run to see which way you should put your invitations in to print correctly).

I hope this is helpful! I still use the labels for the Host information, Monthly guest special, and the Unable to attend label.


  • General Invites.doc
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Apr 12, 2005
Awesome I didn't know PP could do that!!!! I've been thinking about taking that part off of my hosts hands. How do you go about getting the list from your hosts? What kind of document do you use?


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Jan 27, 2005
I use this:


  • Guest List.doc
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