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Input Needed: What Do You Think About This Situation?

tell her that I am sorry, but I do not do Saturday evening shows. There are other days and times that I am available. I would also suggest starting the show an hour earlier, in order to accommodate her schedule.
Please give me you intput on this situation.

A potential host called on a Saturday morning and left me an excited message to book a show right away. I called her 8 times on different days and times before she returned my call several weeks later. She called at 8:30 PM when I was in the shower.

She started the conversation with how busy she was, and how we had played phone tag? She attends school at night but does not work. She said, "I am so busy, and I want a late evening Saturday show so we can party until late". I told her I do not do Saturday evening shows, but since her schedule was so busy, I would make an exception and do a late afternoon show for her.

Saturday evening is the only time we get to spend time together as a family because of my husband's job and the help we give my elderly in-laws.

She mentioned another party that she attended during the week that started at 7 PM. I know the consultant who did this show. Half of the guests were late, 5 cancelled the evening of the show, and the party ended after 11 PM. There were no outside orders for this party or bookings. The host actually cooked a full dinner for the guests, who ate and chatted, talked on cell phones, passed around pictures of their vacations and kids, and planned an outing together during the demo. The show total was barely $300 even though 10 people attended. The show closed 2 weeks late because the host was waiting for outside orders that never materialized. The guests were pretty rude in general. The original consultant declined her show.

I made several other suggestions for times and days, but she was adamant about a late evening party. I suggested starting an hour earlier, but she said no.

I got a bad vibe from her like she thought I was going to entertain her friends rather than have a kitchen show. I was also leary about the lateness of the party and the rudeness of the guests at the other party.

What do you think?
Show TimesWhat time do you start your evening shows? I start mine at 7:00, it gives people time to get off work. The shows usually end around 9:00-9:30. What time did she say she wanted the party to start? Does she know what a "Pampered Chef" kitchen show is, or does she think everyone sits around and gets wasted. :eek:
Sounds hinky to me!Unless my calendar really needed this show I would just tell her "I'm sorry. I just don't do late shows on Saturday. That is my time with my family and I can not do a show that late. If there is another day and/or time that you would like to do this I'd be more than happy to do it then." Just remember that this is your business and you are NOT her CATERER!! It sounds like this would most likely be a VERY rowdy crowd and not a very profitable show! I wouldn't do the show unless I needed it.

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Like the other girls said, I'd lay it on the line... Don't make a full meal, only make finger foods, one appetizer and a dessert. We aren't caterers, as mentioned, and I think people tend to forget that. We are there to show off our product line. Period.
The "perk" of having a PC show vs. another type of show, is that WE prepare the food, so THEY don't have to. Other shows, THEY would make brownies, and chips with dip!
~Maybe you could have the food already prepared, if they won't listen anyway. This would save you the time and effort.
~Do a fun game that would keep them listening to YOU, and not so chatty.
There is a game I got off of this website...Called something like "Purse"... the ladies dig thru their purses to find , for example, a membership card, and then we tell them that hosts get 10% off for a year - as a "member of our past host program" ... something like that. There were several items they had to find. and I guess they'd get a prize if they had the most.

If the food is all ready, and you just play a game, maybe give them some food/product tips, then let them know you have to leave soon and you'd like to answer their questions, and help them fill out their sales receipts.

I don't know if this is ANY help... because then once you had the responsibility over to them to fill out sales receipts... they would then take their sweet time.

I would probably do the show, I always want any little sale I can get. Sometimes it isn't the way we want it done, and it takes longer than we want. So it is your call if you need the show, or if it isn't worth it to you.

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I agree with ChefNic. I would do the show for her, but let her know that you will only be making one recipe. I would give her two choices of recipes, and tell her that if she'd like to make a dessert or appetizers, then she is more then welcome. I would then prepare most of the recipe ahead of time, and just do finishing touches in front of them.

Your other option would be to have the guests make the recipe themselves. It's called a Hands-On show, and you assign the guests a part of the recipe to do. They make the recipe, get their hands on the tools, and have fun! It keeps them involved in the show, and I love doing these shows--my sales are usually better for my Hands-on shows because the guests are touching and using the tools. When the recipe is done or in the oven, I have the guests sit down, and talk about the tools we used. I ask who used each tool, and what they thought of it. Then I talk about any of my top ten tools that we didn't use in the recipe, and then talk about stoneware and cookware. Finally, I do my recruiting talk, play a game, and that's it! It's usually a quicker show, because the recipe gets done faster.

When the recipe is done, hand out the catalogs, and let them know you will be taking orders one at a time. Then they know that they need to focus and order right then, and that you are waiting for them.

Try to have fun, and good luck. Let us know how it turns out.
Iffy HostTo be honest I probably would offer to pass the show to another consultant. It sounds like she is being difficult and if you don't want to do it then don't. Are you that despirate for a show that you will compromise the rules you've set for yourself? I'm not trying to be mean or anything here.

You know how the other show went. It sounds like this one will be the same way since she said she wants to party all night. Plus if you cave on the date and time you're more likely to cave on what you make. She may end up talking you into cooking a meal for her.

It is your business and you have to make this decision. But I recommend sticking to the rules you want your business to go by. If you don't work on Saturdays then don't. Period. But if you want to do the show then do it to the best of your ability.

Brandi W.
I agree....this is your business and you need to run it how you want to. It sounds like you've set clear goals for yourself and have great reasoning behind why you don't want late Saturday shows. It's amazing how some hosts just don't "get it." I had a similar situation. I met this potential host at a multi vendor open house thing. She wanted to book a kids show because I told her about the "Cooking with Kids" show. I told her how fun they are and how I run the show with the moms and kids working together on the recipes from the "Let's Eat" cookbook. She seemed excited. Well, about a week later I get an email from her saying she was thinking of letting moms just drop their kids off and have the day to themselves because they've all been to shows, but that she knew they'd order some stuff, so it would be a "show" with orders. Well, I explained to her that this is my business and is a source of income for me. Nevermind that it was a Cooking WITH kids show, not kids cook with the consultant while mom is off doing whatever. She basically wanted me as the kid party entertainment. She loves PC products, went on and on about how many shows she's had and how many products she has. So I told her that since she's quite familiar with how it all works, she probably also knows that my business is sustained partly on bookings from shows when possible. And although the kids are a PART of my customer base (with their parents being the main part), they aren't my customers and also aren't the ones to book shows. I was all very nice in explaining this to her.

My suggestion was that I could give her some great recipe suggestions to do (she already bought the "LEt's Eat" cookbook) and she could have a catalog show on the side. I tried to compromise and suggested even if the moms came for a short 30 minute demo (with a recipe for THEM to eat), I would do it. She wouldn't budge. She did seem ok with doing a catalog show on the side. Well then the other day I get another email from her basically saying she's scheduled her daughter's party (not a b-day party...just a party) for October 8th and she was asking me again if I wanted to come do the show (basically giving me one last chance). I reiterated how I'd be happy to supply her with what was needed for a catalog show, but I could basically better use my time by having a kitchen show (which I already had on my schedle anyway that day). So I get an email back saying not to send the catalog show packet, she'd find another consulant to do her party and it's been nice doing business, but too bad it couldn't continue. Wow! Some people just don't have consideration for the limits you set or goals you have. I pretty much just say "oh well!" If I was totally desperate for shows or if she was a personal friend or a host who had GREAT shows in the past, maybe I'd consider it. But, it's similar to what was stated above....I made my principles about my business known to her and she pretty much disregarded them. She probably WILL find another consultant who would do it, but I know that that host is the one who wants to be in control of everything and run the show which isn't how I do MY business.

Interesting, huh??? Sorry this was so long, but I still just shake my head at my run in with this potential host, as well as the original story in this thread!! :rolleyes:
I think that is so great that you stuck to your business policies,I think that is so great that you stuck to your business policies, Becky! I definitely would NOT have been an entertainer for an evening.

As for the show mentioned in the original post, I guess that I'm not sure what I would do. Mainly, because the woman that wants to have the show said that she WENT to another show with another consultant. I don't think that means that THIS host will be the same, especially if you know ahead of time what the crowd may be like, and how to handle it.

My biggest problem is her lack of consideration for your time. Both in the delay of phone calls, and her insensitivity to your family time. However, if she did not know this before you agreed to do her show, then I'm not sure.

The time of the show is not, for me, late. I usually do my evening shows at 6:30 or 7pm. However, with this clashing with your family time, it makes a difference. You could, though, easily be out of there by 8:30. Then leave the partying to them! The main thing is to communicate with your host. Let her know that, if you agree to do this show, what you expect from the show, that you'll need the attention of your guests for about 1 1/2 hours, and then you will leave, and they can party on! If you describe this up front, she won't have unrealistic expectations. If she doesn't like what you say, then let her cancel the show. But make sure she knows that you are firm in the way the show will be handled.
Don't BudgeI had a show referred to me by a consultant who has given up the business. This lady had set a firm date for her show, but unfortunately, I have a large fund-raiser the evening before, and as I also work full-time in an office, I didn't think I could turn everything round in time so asked if we could re-schedule the date. She told me that this was the only date she wanted to do as her husband was away that weekend and she wanted a night with the girls. When I spoke to her further, I got the impression she was expecting me to do a three course dinner for them! She hasn't actually been to a show, she was a booking from her neighbour's show, but she couldn't attend. I explained what PC was all about, and told her that I would ring her again in a few weeks to try to re-schedule, but I am not holding my breath. I am pleased that I stuck to my guns, even though I am trying to fill my diary, I want to fill it on my terms - that is what makes PC so great - we work when WE want to!
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IMO if you have certain "business" hours set then you should stick to them. I am an insurance agent fulltime and I don't sell insurance after 5 PM. If you want an insurance quote you come in my office between 8:30 and 5 Monday thru Friday. Right now I don't really have set hours for Pampered Chef. I just fit it in where I can. When I make it a fulltime thing I will probably set some limitations.

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Thanks to everyone for their input. Now, I am satisfied that I made the right decision.

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