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Increasing attendance with a guest only drawing



I heard this idea on a PC Audio CD. Whenever you place a paperwork order, be sure to order at least one (they're $2 each) to build your library. They're great learning & training tools :)

Anyway, the idea I heard and have been using is this:
Offer to hold a Stoneware Drawing when there are 15 or more buying guests at the show (not including outside orders). I offer the winner her choice of the Medium Bar Pan, Small Bar Pan, Small Oval Baker or Mini Baker. I buy it on the host's order with her discount.

I have found that this has been helping my hosts increase attendance at the show tremendously. We might not always hit 15 but I'm consistently getting shows with 12 and 13 buying guests - I was having way too many of the 6 to 8 guest shows and had to try something.

Also, I send out the host's invitations with a sticker on there that I create stating "Stoneware Drawing with 15+ buying guests, bring a friend!".

I would encourage you to try this if you're in a sales slump or need to help your host with attendance.

Phyllis Rampulla
Independent Sales Director


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May 18, 2005
Great idea!

I really like that idea as it puts the "responsibility" on the guest to show up. I've also been encouraging the host by telling her if she mails 40 invitations, she'll receive an extra gift at the show ($5.00 gift). I present it at the beginning of the show and have her tell everyone how she came up with 40 names. It gets potential hosts away from the thought of "I don't know that many people..."



Apr 22, 2005
Great idea!!

That is a great idea. I am definately going to use that one. Everyone loves free gifts. Thanks for sharing!!!

Debbie :)