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I'm doing a Womens Weekend Booth


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Jan 4, 2005
on Saturday. 9:30 until 5pm. I got the day for $100 (it would have been $350 for Friday night & all day Saturday)...so I am excited! Anyway, its at the convention center and their will be 50 vendors, no other Pampered Chef. Here is the description of the Fair:

"Womens Retail Therapy Saturday" will be enticing with shopping as the theme of the day. Saturday will feature spotlight stages with fashion shows and workshops, home and garden tips and health and beauty makeovers. The customers will have an opportunity to find out about your business, sample and buy your products and gain knowledge of your services".

I'm excited! I'm taking as much stuff as possible, playing up the Wedding Registry with flyers & of course want to show off the new products.
I'll make up more flyers too with my info on them.

Any idea from y'all would be so appreciated! I did a booth back in the fall with good results. I had people fill out the survey slips and told them I would draw one name for a free kitchen show (of course I call everybody with interest and tell them they won...)....
I really want this to be good! It's in the next town over at the beach, which will be a new territory for me.
So IDEAS please!!!!!


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Nov 24, 2004
Click on Search, click on Advanced Search. Change the search option to "Titles only", then search for the word booth. There are about a dozen great threads with more ideas than you can possibly use in one booth.
You could also do an Advanced Search for Fairs, but I think booth will be your better result.