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I need some ideas. I was in my bank which is inside a grocery store


Silver Member
Jan 16, 2005
I need some ideas. I was in my bank which is inside a grocery store and while i was making my deposits for a show, i just asked the clerk if that table with credit card apps was theirs or the store, she said it was theirs, so i asked if i could have a PC table... and she said yes. SOO... in the month of AUGUST i will be having a table for PC for the entire month.

I do not want to have my products set up because i will not be there to watch. But this is what i was thinking... on Saturday morning... i would come in and bring some and even have a demo... and weekly i would bring something to the bank workers... I would also have a drawing box for people to enter as well as upcoming specials for host/guests etc and recruiting...

anyone have any ideas.. this will be my first time for a bank display.


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Apr 12, 2005
Great idea!! I might just have to try that. I'm working on getting some boxes put together for drawing boxes for free cooking shows. Maybe leave some opportunity flyers, something about your services and your contact info. Should probally leave catalogs too. I would check it atleast every other day for the first couple days. Just a few thoughts.
Good luck!!! Let me know how it goes.