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I need some help getting my feet wet again. I have been inactive

Feb 28, 2005
I need some help getting my feet wet again. I have been inactive since June :( . My mother felt sorry for me and she did a catalog show last month to get me reinstated. I could not find hostesses. Anyone have any suggestions on how can I get things rolling again?

Jamie Foster
Kitchen Consultant
Church Hill, Tn


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Feb 16, 2005
I am getting myself back on track, also having gone inactive. I went through my list of 100 again. That seems to be working for me. Also--maybe you could go back to those that had shows for you 1 year ago, since their discount will soon be ending. I'll be interested to see what other replies you will get.

Good Luck!!!



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Apr 13, 2004
Getting started again

The list of 100 is a great tool. If you did not do one before, do it now. Also, if you live in a neighborhood where you are close or if you have a community news paper, place a little ad. You could also do an open house. Distribute flyers - check the Flyers I am sure there is one in there some place - in your neighborhood, your in a neighborhood that looks great to you! You don't need much, a display, a few munchies and beverages. Think up some sort of prise to give for people who book parties from you at the open house. You never know what may happen. Grocery store B. Boards, community center B. Boards, churches for fund raisers, things like that to can bring in individual bookings. Also, very important, take a risk in asking everyone you meet.
It won't happen if you don't do the leg work. Good luck and check out all the areas of this forum. You would be amazed at all the ideas that are here that can help you!