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I need advice!

Jul 12, 2005
Before I signed up to be a PC consultant I spoke to loads of people and loads of them promised they would have a show for me. Now I have signed up and have my starter kit, no-one wants to know. They all say it's not their thing, or they haven't the time. All really bad excuses. It's as if now it is a reality, people just can't be bothered :mad: I had told my recruiter and director that I wouldn't have any problems getting bookings. Now when they phone me I keep having to tell them I have no bookings.

I did my first show at my mother in laws on Friday, she did it out of obligation to me I think. Two days before the show she had about 10 guests lined up to come. The night of the show only 2 people turned up! She got me 2 outside orders, my total for the show was £52 (about $100 I think), with no hope of more orders. So I have a show which doesn't qualify (it needs to be £125)
I haven't got any outside orders, people take the catlogues and never give them back or return my calls.
The only hope is my sister, but she live too far away for me to host a show, so she is going to do a catalogue show for me.

I'm really at rock bottom, my recruiter and director can give me loads of ideas, but actually getting people intersted is such a problem. I don't want to alienate my frinds and neighbours by "going on" about PC all the time.

Should I accept defeat? What is my legal position to PC if I don't complete my 6 shows?

Any advice welcomed.


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Sep 23, 2005
Hello, I am a new recruit also, my first party is Tuesday. I am somewhat new to this area, and do not want to alienate my friends also, so to speak, however, my sister-in-law is my 1st party, and my m-I-L the 2nd I realized that if my business was going to grow, I needed to find ways to get away from my inner circle-QUICK, because eventually the people in my life would tire it.
One thing I am doing to get orders and bookings, to to visit the businesses in the area. Yesterday, I fix up a cherry and cheese danish, and took it to my beauty shop with catalogs and outside order forms. I told the beauticians that if their orders totaled $150 or more, I would draw one of them to be the hostess. They really liked that idea, because they are all too busy to have a show in their home, but love the product, ect. I also left a catalog with information on their magazine table for customers. I did the same thing at my dentists office Friday. For both business, I told them I would be back in 1 week to collect the orders. I plan to contact each person who orders, and see if I can persue from their. Something else I did was make up flyers, and I am taking them around the neighborhood. I stressed on the flyer that I am in my SUPER-STARTER month, and feeling very generous !!! I am excited to see where that takes me. Also, the 25th of October, I am having a show in my home "Light and Simple" and I am inviting everyone from my shows and also my weight-loss club members . Maybe some of these ideas will work for you.


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Apr 12, 2005
Hold your on show invite everyone you know to include all of your neighbors. Also try to sign up for some fair booths for leads that you don't know. I've been with Pc since April and had personal problems that kept me from doing well with PC. So when I was ready to "restart" I had my own show the end of July. August was horrilbe with only 1 booking but this month I'll have a total of 6 shows. I've only closed 3 and have already sold $1,300 in product this month. My calendar has 5 shows for Oct. And 4 for Nov so far with 3 more shows to go this week. The fair was very helpful for me. Back in April when I was pregenant I couldn't even give a show away know things are looking up!!

Also be a walking advertisment order some buttons for nancy's artwork or the sholder tote bag on the supply list. Put something on your car and have your husband or boyfriend be your advertising as well.
Also download to would you like to earn free kitchen tools doc and chang it to your info and go post it all around town!!!!
Just a few ideas.
I have documents called 42 ways to find customer and 82 ways to get booking if you are interested let me know I'll email them to you. I'm sure I have more too.
I wish the both of you luck and I hope this has helped you.