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I just booked my first 2 shows


Veteran Member
Mar 22, 2006
last night and I am so excited!! My Starter kit came in the mail yesterday and it felt like it was Christmas. My SS1 is May and I have one show booked for April and one for first Sunday in May. I'm hoping to get another show booked for April so I'm hoping I can end up qualify that month and move my SS1 to April . I have more friends and family that have said they will have a party I just have to get a hold of them at home so we can set up a time.

Thank you for listening :D



Dec 14, 2005
Yay! Keep your ss1 as May and then you can earn your bonuses and plus bonuses! I signed Dec. 13 and my ss 1 was Jan. and I flopped. Give yourself the extra time to earn tons of free products. The more you have to demo, the more your guests will buy.
Congrats! I love PC!



Way to go on getting your first shows booked. Enthusiasm is a big part of success so you are definately on your way! Just wait until you get even more boxes for all the free stuff you're going to earn over the next few months!

Dec 30, 2005
Keep it in May!

I signed right at the end of Jan and used March for my SS1. I have earned my bonus and plus bonus because of the extra "buffer" month. It is definitely an advantage! You could qualify tomorrow if you had the sales and May would still be your SS1. So you get a whole extra month! I would have earned another plus bonus too but this host is dragging her show on FOREVER!:)


Advanced Member
Feb 25, 2006

Good for you!! AND if you host your own show that would be 3 shows you have!!! I was told (just finished month 1 of my SS and qualified.. yippee) that if you host your own show you can take advantage of the host benefits.. I got about $90 worth of products for myself by doing that! I put down my mother's name for the show. This way you get rid of all your jitters and try out what you want to say. Anyone thats hosting a show from you can come plus anyone else you think would be interested and then you can talk to them about hosting atyour party.

Good luck!! :)