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I have a host that is having trouble picking up her package. It is

Oct 12, 2005
I have a host that is having trouble picking up her package. It is basicly UPS. She has told them twice now that she will pick them up. When she goes to get them they have put them back on the truck. She now has one of the two boxes. She calles me today saying that she told them if she doesn't get the other box by 5pm today that they can ship it back to PC!! AGGGGG Then she tells me that I need to deal with it. What do I do?? She is a friend of mine from High School and I can't belive she is putting me in this spot. Don't even get me started on how her show went. Lets just say I am never doing anouther one for her.



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Nov 24, 2004
Contact Home Office immediately and explain the situation to them. See if they will have UPS re-direct the shipment to you (if you live nearby). Then, you can deliver to her personally. You could have it delivered to her place of work too I suppose.

Our UPS leaves it by the mailbox or at the garage door (depending on the driver). It doesn't even require signature. I'm confused why she has to "pick it up".

Run this by the host. Before you agree to have it shipped back, kindly explain that they will not be refunded until merchandise is returned and you are credited. That'll take longer than you receiving the mdse and delivering to her.


UPS Delivery

Perhaps get the tracking number from her boxes and call UPS directly and request a delivery on a date that works for her or have her call them and give them the ok to deliver without her having to be there. Don't know if she can give them your address but if that helps perhaps they can. That is really odd that they don't just leave the boxes - does she live in a house? I suppose in certain circumstances UPS won't just drop boxes and go?? Good luck!
Oct 12, 2005
She has to pick it up because they say that the Apt office wont take it. I talked to Customer Service and I was told that if it gets shipped back that they will call me and ask for a new address to ship it to. I am so hopping that it doesn't come to this.



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Oct 11, 2005
I think I would start with the HO because, technically, they are the UPS client and probably have more pull, since we know how much business PC gives UPS. See what they suggest. Its probably happened before.