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Holding Pattern


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
I feel as if I'm a plane in the holding pattern. Everyone's on board and I'm ready to go, but have to wait to take off. I received my kit, I've booked 7 shows and now I'm just waiting. And waiting, and waiting for that first show. I've got a catalog show that's probably going to close this week. Another catalog show that just started and my first Kitchen show isn't until the 12th of August. So, now I'm just twiddling my thumbs and waiting it seems.

Do any of you have any ideas as to what I should be doing now! :confused:


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May 6, 2005
Have you ever seen that attachment that someone posted here about what to do until your kit arrives? Even though you already have your kit, that list might still be helpful. It really helps organize things! As you'll soon find out, you can order Doris Christopher's new book at a discount. I think we'll get that information on how to do that on Monday. I would definitely get a copy or two of that (to have on hand to have potential recruits read it!) and read it yourself. I should be getting mine in the mail by tomorrow and I'm very excited! That's a great way for you to get even more familiar with the business, but to also be able to use the book as a recruiting tool. Believe me, when you get your paperwork changeover package, you'll have LOTS Of exciting stuff to go through. There will be all kinds of stuff to get famliar with. Of course, the new catalogs and paperwork don't go into effect until Sept 1st, but it'll give you something to do and something to promote at your August shows. The new products and the new catalog will be a great tool to get bookings in September!

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
I know while I waited for my first show I did alot of organizing through all my paperwork and my kit.

I also read about the products alot so I could learn as much as I could so I could sound like I knew what I was talking about. :p I also wrote down all kinds of different uses for products to share with guests at my show. Then I wrote down a whole script to use at my show so I could practice what to say.

Also watch the videos from your kit. They were very helpful.

Take some teleclasses. You'll learn even more and they will get you really excited about your shows as well as give you even MORE ideas.


Jun 6, 2005
You should also try out some of the recipes. Do a demo in your kitchen. My husband loved that, he got to sample the food and it is a business expense. It also gives you some things about what to do ahead of time and what wouldn't work. With everyones suggestions, your sure to keep busy. I've got the book and am ready to read.

Good Luck :)


Mar 27, 2005
Have you decided what recipes you are going to do at your first 7 shows? Whatever they are, practice them, and if possible, do this infront of an audience - even if it's only the kids. Think about which products you are going to use while preparing those recipes, and decide what you are going to say about each piece as you use it. I never did a script as such, but I did go through in my mind what I was going to say about each product. If you have time to go over this thoroughly, you won't be worried about what to say it will just come naturally. Really familiarise yourself with the products, their uses - think too about the products you will NOT be using in the recipe and see if you can fit in talking about them even if you don't use them e.g. if the recipe calls for fresh herbs, I would say "you can use your kitchen shears, or your crinkle cutter to prepare fresh herbs quickly and easily, but I am going to show you how wonderful our food chopper is tonight".
One thing I did find early on was that I had a "gap" to fill once the recipe had gone into the oven. What I did in the early days was a "Lemon Demo" - sheet attached if you are interested.


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