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Hi! I am a new consultant. I have not done a kitchen show yet. I


Novice Member
Sep 23, 2005
Hi! I am a new consultant. I have not done a kitchen show yet. I have 3 scheduled for October. I am having my Open House on Sunday. I am thinking about putting a sign up that states...

Be my first $500 show and receive a small bar pan


Be my first $1000 show and receive the Easy Read Measuring cups

Is this a good idea? Any suggestions?


Aug 24, 2005
That's a really good idea!! I wish I had thought to do something like that for my first hosts. I offer the stone of their choice for any $1,000 show.

Good luck with your start!!


Veteran Member
Jun 29, 2005
Hey, I book off you if I wasn't selling it for those gifts. Just make sure you don't give away too much of your $. If you feel like you are not making much you may become discouraged. Then again, they say you have to spend money to make it, so do whatever works best for you.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I've heard of people making a BIG posterboard with a huge hand on it and displaying it at their kick off open houses. You'd have the sign say "Give me a Hand in starting my business and book a show!" then have five dates listed on each of the fingers and thumb. You would probably need to ask each person individually about supporting you in doing this to be really successful.
I agree...don't give away too much of your commission. And if you're trying to book for a certain month, only use it as an incentive for a certain month.

Good luck!
Sep 20, 2005
There is a game that I learned from a partylite candle party and I want to try it, but haven't had the opportunity as I have only had catalog shows so far.
here it goes:
first pick a decently priced item, but one that everyone will want Ex: Lg. Round Stone
second, you must promote that item to the best of your ability before mentioning the game, otherwise, you won't get great feedback
third, mention all of the great advantages to hosting your own show, including the benefits the current host will recieve.
Then tell them in order to play this game, they must agree to whatever their envelope says...you have 11 envelopes and 2 dice, tell them some will say book a show, some will say winner, and one will say grand prize winner. (the actual numbers are 6, 4, and 1) the ones that just say winner will recieve a smaller prize that you have in your bag such as a quikcut pairing knife. each person who decides to play MUST COMPLETE WHAT IS ON THERE ENVELOPE. have each player roll the die and whatever # they roll, that is the envelope they get. they are not to open it until you say to. after everyone has an envelope, offer another incentive such as this:
If anyone decides that they want to book a show BEFORE they open their envelope, they can purchase the easy read measuring cups normally priced at $22 for only $7!!! That's a $15 discount!! then, you will probably get one or two people who will give in...you could even offer something free instead if you wanted to. after everyone has decided on if they will book before they open their envelope, go to each person playing the game and have them each open their envelope to reveal what is inside. This is a great booking game, as long as you promote the grand prize product properly to where everyone will want it. At the partylite show the grand prize was the crystal tower, the winners got a votive, and those who decided to book before opening their envelope got a votive holder (a really pretty one ) for only $5. The show I was at was the consultant's 2nd show and she got 4 bookings from that game!!!
Sorry this was so long, but I think it's a game that works and I can't wait to try it at my first kitchen show!!! :)