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Help! New Consultant, No Bookings

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005
Hi everyone. I have been lurking here for the last two weeks while I waited for my kit, and have really been impressed by everyone's enthusiatic support of each other. It's nice to see a group of people working together to make each other feel great! :)

When I signed up for PC I had two shows booked, since then both of the ladies who were going to host for me have bailed out (they both had really good reasons, and I can't blame them at all). Now I have NO bookings and don't really know where to start. I am trying to get my sister to host a show, but even though she is interested, I can't seem to nail down a date with her.

My recruiter took me to an Open House of sorts at Curves, and the gals there knew all about PC and we had two small orders, but none of them were interested in hosting. I made sure to include a catalogue and fliers for the host/guest specials for October and November with their orders, but they still aren't interested. I am going back in there this week to chat with a couple of them again- so hopefully something will happen!

I also have a gal who was thinking about Pampered Bride, and I would love to help her with that.

I guess I just want to know if you all had ideas of how I could get these "maybes" to turn into something real. I know that once these few people book, they will all be excited, and I have great ideas of how to get their guests to book (games and giveaways ;) ), but how do I get the initial bookings???

I know the first little bit is hard, but I really want to make this work. I love the products, and I love talking with people, and I think it will be a lot of fun.

Any ideas would really be wonderful. .

Thank you so much for letting me rant!

PS Is there an easy way to add a signature to your posts, or do you just type it in each time?

Zoe Barlow
Independent Kitchen Consultant #458235
[email protected]
Sep 20, 2005
Welcome to the family!!!
If you click on quick links, click edit signature....easy question answered, now here's for the hard ones:)
I would suggest with the one who is interested with the pampered bride, approach her and ask when her wedding date was, then create a date for her pampered bride bridal shower....tell her she will not have to do anything but give you a list of names, phone #'s and addresses for the invites, a place to hold the shower, and her registry. Yes this means you will be the one paying for postage and ingredients, but it is worth it just to get started. Stress that there is no work involved for her.
As for the ones at curves, talk about some of our ealthier recipes like the garden ranch pizza. if you can convince them that there is a way to cook great foods in little or no time and it still be healthy, I'm sure they will want to learn. Maybe consider it a health food cooking class. This may help.
Remember to ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CALENDAR WITH YOU!!! you never know when you will have the opportunity to book a show!
As for your sister, pick out maybe 3 dates and tell her all about the great host benefits during those times, and get her to pick one!!! It is normally easier when people have a few dates to pick from rather than having them look through their entire calendar to pick a date. This kinda narrows down the search. I know it's not much, but I hope all of this helps...good luck with your business!
You may want to start with a catalog show of your own....pass the catalog to everyone you know, make sure that when they order you get their info and call them after they have placed the order to convince them about how much they would be saving as a host and get them to book.
Also, pull out that list of 100 from your recipe for success...it has a 100 people for you to try...go for it!

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005
Thanks for the ideas!

I have emailed or called most of the people on my list, honestly, I just don't get out that much!

I made some fliers for the grocery store, I have sent catalogues into work with my husband and two of my sisters (will send some with my mom when she gets back from vacation), set up the website, and added my PC signature to every email I send out.

I think I'd like to have an open house... have any of you done that? How did you invite people? What were the results like?

I know this is going to work out and that I need to keep working at it to get the results I want... I'm just not very good at being patient!

It will feel so good to get my first show under my belt.. even if it is a disaster!

Thanks again! :)
Jul 9, 2005
Getting Bookings

This is just a thought. When I first started PC back in March, I had only the people that I knew ( I did not get out much either) that booked shows. 2 of them flaked out on me but, I got out the phone book and started cold calling. I said " Hi, this is Rachel with The Pampered Chef. Are you familiar with our products? Great if yes, I am just calling people in the area to let them know that we have a new fall catalog. Would you be interested in one? Ok. Great. I will call you in a few days to talk it over with you. Then I would call them back and talk with them about the things in the catalog that they liked. No, money, would you like to earn it free? Tell them about the host program. Any way I only did this for one month because then I started to get more bookings. I did not even make it halfway through the A's. LOL. Anyway, I got a couple orders and 2 bookings this way. If I ever get in a slow period again, I will be back to the phone book. The least they can say is I am not interested. One other thing. Start a list of 100 no's. See hoe long it takes you to get those 100 no's. I am only at 45. LOL. Hope this helps :)
Aug 24, 2005
New Consultant Also

I am a new consultant also. I had 5 parties booked and they all cancelled on me :( My daughter booked a party for the 9th,we're hoping for a good turn
out.She's invited 20 now if they all show up. I have left books with several people hoping to get orders so far no luck.I plan to call them all on Wednesday to see if they want to order. Before I signed everyone said they would order or book a party and now they all seem to have excuses. I will not give up!!!!! One of the girls coming to my daughters party said she may book one after she sees how it turns out.Wish me luck :) .
Jul 12, 2005
I am in the same situation as you both. I don't know too many people. Before I signed the papers, people were enthusiastic about having a party to help me start up, but now all of the people have made excuses. My mum in law is the only one who has been true to her word and that was a disaster (only 2 people showed up)
My sister is having a catalogue show for me.
I still have to have 4 more shows to fill the agreement and to pay my credit card back the cost of the kit :(
I'm going to be hosting a show at home soon, hopefully I will get some bookings from that.

Best of luck to you both. It just goes to show it's not as easy as the recruiters and directors make it out to be.


Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2005
Here is what I did

I am in my super starter month, and here is what I did. I had 3 shows booked, my sister-in-laws was first, and I am closing it today. She had 15 at her show, but only 8 orders, but I know that 2 that were at the show placed orders later. I am going to her home today to close out, and she is very excited, but will not tell me what is up. At the end of her show, she had $274 in sales and 4 bookings. I know she is wanting $500 show, so hopefully she made it. I have 2 shows this week, and I have been booking like crazy. I am doing a show for myself this month, and inviting everyone from my TOPS club (weight-loss club) I am doing the Light and Simple theme party. I am now booking for November and December. To help with bokings from my shows, I am drawing one name of those that agree to book a show, and they receive something from my kit that I already owned. My first show it was the cheese grater. This week it will be the garlic press and measure all.

One thing that I did that I think may help you, is that I made a cherry-cheese danish, and dropped it off at my beauty shop, with books and outside order forms. I did this on a Saturday morning, when all the beauticians were there, and HUNGRY. They were so excited. I explained that I would be back in a week, and if the orders totaled over $150., I would pull one of the orders, and that person would be the "hostess" and get all the benefits. I did the same thing at my dentist's office. I am picking up the orders from both places today, and I am excited to see how well it went.
All of my side of the family lives down-state, so they are doing catalog shows for me, which will help with my monthly totals, without me having to travel. My daughter called yesterday, excited because her boss ordered $135.00 of product. She is only 19, and not all that excited about cooking, or the free products, but is excited to be helping me.
I have also made up flyers and delivered them around my neighborhood, but have not received any calls from them. My husband has been instrumental in getting bookings and orders from work- 3 people he works with have booked (1 kitchen show, and 2 catalog shows)
I hope these ideas have helped.


Jul 12, 2005
I know that starting off can be difficult. It's unfortunate that your previously booked hosts, who most likely are family and friends, are unable to hold their date. Here's my advice to those who just get started:
(1) Book from all the chains of your life. Don't let the first 6 shows be all family, or just family and close friends. Eventually, that chain will end, and you'll be back in a booking slump. Pull from every aspect of your life--family, friends, co-workers, husband's co-workers, church, child's friends' parents, hairdressers, doctor's office, dentist's office, child's teacher, etc. Look everywhere for your next potential host.

(2) When calling your potential hosts, if they agree to have a show, don't hang up until you've set a date! Many times, they'll say, "I'll have a show, but probably not right now". Find out WHEN, and book them in that month. Tell them that you are only doing so many shows per month, but once you are in the month, you can move them around if they need to reschedule. Also, book them EARLY in the month if you can. Offer an incentive, if you want, that if they book on the 3rd, they will get a batter bowl for $3, if its the 7th, they will get it for $7. It encourages them to book early!

(3) Once the show is booked, send them a packet IMMEDIATELY. It lets them know that you are counting on them to hold that date, and gives them a feeling of responsibility to the show. Call them a few days after you send the packet so you can go over the information with them, and let them know that if for ANY reason they need to reschedule, to let you know right away, because you are counting on the show to help you qualify, and kick off your business. Then, keep in contact with them--if there is too much time between calls, they may talk themselves out of the show. Host coaching is so important to keep dates on your calendar.

(4) When you are calling your potential hosts, tell them how excited you are about your business, and how much fun they will have at the show. More importantly, tell them how much they will get for FREE just for helping you start your business. Let them know what is in it for THEM! For example, just in October, they can get the 60% off host special, the free Jar Opener with a $50 purchase, the Celebrate Plate with 15 orders, not to mention the average $100 in free products, half price items, and discount. Plus, they will get a 10% off PC Past host card for anything they buy for the rest of the year, and they'll even get their name into a drawing for one of 25 weekly drawings for a $100 shopping spree in October!!! If you just ask them to have a show for you, they may not realize everything they will get in return!!!!

(5) For those people that you've talked to already, call them back with more information. Maybe they didn't know all they got for free. Maybe they weren't aware of the Host specials. Maybe they didn't know about the $100 shopping spree drawing. Call them back, and say "I know that we had talked about you being a host in October, and I wanted to let you know that The Pampered Chef just announced that hosts in October will be entered into a weekly drawing for a $100 Pampered Chef Shopping Spree! I'd love for you to be one of my October hosts...what do you say??"

I would get back on the phone and keep looking for hosts. Use the words "I'm looking for help in starting this business, and I wanted to invite you to be one of my first hosts to help me kick it off!" Using'help' and 'invite' are very powerful.

I hope this is helpful! This is a great business, and although the start may be troublesome, once the ball starts rolling, you'll be glad you stuck with it!

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005

I finally booked my first show! A friend's husband wants to do a show for me! I am so excited. It isn't until the 22nd, so I am going to see if I can get my sister to do a show earlier this month, and then I am going to have an open house at the beginning of next month.

I know that once I get started, I will be able to have a little more continuity... getting the first shows are hard, though! I don't know if I have the guts to do cold-calling, but I will go around and introduce myself to all the neighbors and let them know about the open house. Here's hoping!

Thank you all for your support! It really means a lot. :)