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Help Needed: Lost Microsoft Word Docs for Conference

In summary, the author is providing a summary of the content of a conversation. They have lost their Microsoft Word, and are wondering if someone could copy and paste in an email or to the board here the word documents for the conference, which are a conference checklist and a conference survival tips booklet.
I have lost my microsoft word and won't be able to get it back in for a bit and I was wondering if someone could maybe copy and paste in an email or to the board here the word documents for conference, I think they are conference checklist and conference survival tips.

Thanks a Bunch!! :D
[email protected]
§ Conference package (which includes your meal tickets, workshop tickets and your name badge) **you get this at conference**
§ Umbrella (if you bring it, it won't rain!)
§ Comfortable Business casual clothes for day time/ 1 dress outfit for Banquet night. (No shorts or blue jeans)
§ Make-up, blow dryer, curling iron, brush, comb
§ shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, deodorant
§ Safety pins, band-aids, emery board, q-tips and small scissors (hey, you never know!) - maybe even a small sewing kit with needle and thread
§ Visine (for those red eyes in the morning!)
§ Notebook pens, and a yellow highlighter marker
§ Camera with extra batteries and film
§ Extra bag (for all the goodies you'll be bringing home from Conference) or leave some room in your suitcase when you pack!
§ 2 Comfortable pairs of walking shoes
§ Sweater/light jacket (for cold conference rooms and late night walks)
§ Business cards (lots of them!) and put your e-mail address on them too. SASE's to give to speakers in case you want handouts or extra information (write what you want in the upper fold, so they remember what you requested).
§ Cell phone/calling cards in case of emergency, etc.
§ Gum, candy, breath mints
§ Insulated water bottle
§ Chips, fruit, snacks, small cooler for your room
§ Advil, Tylenol, Tums, Pepto Bismol or Imodium
§ Catalogs and recruiting/ show info (for people you may meet and talk with during your travels)
§ Bring pins you've earned and wear them with pride
§ Tissues - for those tear-jerker sessions
§ Sunglasses/hat
§ Bathing suit (if you want to go swimming in the hotel)
§ Money/travelers checks/credit card/debit card
§ Comfortable shoulder bag or briefcase to carry with you at all times with most of this stuff in it! **You will get a conference bag the first day**
§ And a smile!!!!!!


PACKING: (Start putting things aside so you aren’t doing everything last minute)
¨ Business attire for meetings (office wear – no blue jeans or shorts)
¨ Evening wear for one evening (church clothes or dressier is appropriate)
¨ 2 pair of Comfortable shoes or plenty of band aids to wear for meetings (walking shoes)
¨ Compact Umbrella
¨ Any prescription or non-prescription items you might need
¨ PC debit card or credit card if you have them (for hotel charges and buying vendor supplies)
¨ Canvas bag or light briefcase **You get a bag the first day of conference**
¨ 3x5 cards for jotting down the best ideas you may want to implement
¨ Business cards to share
¨ Opportunity information and catalogs (people everywhere inquire about PC)
¨ Self-addressed, stamped envelopes (give these to anyone who you would like return information from). Jot down what you want on the flap of the envelope.
¨ Camera, batteries and lots of film (mostly indoor lighting)
¨ Tissues (if you don’t need them, the person sitting next to you will)
¨ Pens … you can never have enough
¨ Postcards and stamps (or phone numbers) for hosts to do any last minute coaching or future hosts; also great for sending to those cluster members who can’t attend or to potential consultants you are working with
¨ Sweater (they keep meeting rooms cool)
¨ Any pins, awards, etc. that you may want to wear on your collar
¨ Extra bag or room in your suitcase to bring back gifts you receive and buy (i.e., Conference Bag, T-shirts, souvenirs, etc.)
¨ Aspirin or Tylenol
¨ Snacks (they will be more expensive in the hotel).

¨ Money for travel expenses; small bills and change for sodas at the hotel
¨ A few meals while at Conference (late night pizza, etc.)
¨ Souvenirs
¨ Pampered Chef licensed vendors are available such as:
¨ Nancy’s Artworks
¨ Town & Country Printing
¨ Aim! (clothing)
¨ Audio & Video Tapes
¨ Pampered Chef paperwork (order form in Conference packet – you’ll get it quick)

¨ Make sure you have some shows scheduled your first week back from Conference (this is when you will do the most recruiting and your sales will soar).
¨ Make a list of 10 burning questions (i.e., best booking or hostess coaching tip, etc.) to ask others at Conference (Hint: Always sit next to someone you don’t know – and those with Director tags may have extra information).
¨ Make sure you record your mileage to and from the airport, save all receipts, and maintain a log of all tips to van drivers, waiters, maids, etc. These are all business expenses you can claim on your taxes.
¨ Make sure you tell your family you probably won’t call every day. So, if you have a spouse or significant other, kids, or pets, get plenty of hugs and kisses before you leave.
¨ Make arrangements to meet friends at least 1/2 hour ahead of general sessions in order to sit together. Saving seats is not permitted.
¨ Don’t choose the same workshops as your friends, then share your information later.
¨ Take time at the end of each day to write down quick tips that you learned so you don’t forget Arrive early at all events so you can sit close to the front
¨ Make as many booking and hostess coaching calls as possible before leaving
¨ The hotels come equipped with iron, ironing board and blow dryers.
¨ Many times local pizza places will deliver to the hotel to help cuts down on restaurant costs
okay, somewhere on here were questions about the train in Chicago. I too am curious as to prices and how the train actually works. I will be arriving in Chicago ORD around 10:30 am on Monday. I will be arriving by myself and was wondering if anyone has any advice on the best way to get to The Tremont Hotel on 100 E Chestnut Street. I am going to call in the morning to see if they have a shuttle to the airport. I am a little nervous about traveling alone. Anyway, just looking for some advice from you seasoned conference attendees.


Most hotels (at least the bigger ones) would have a shuttle. If not, there is something called American Taxi, which offers a flat rate from the airport to Chicago or any of the suburbs. When you get in and get your baggage, there's a place to call them for free. Any info booth at O'Hare can tell you where to call. There is the "El" which is the subway train throughout Chicago. That's VERY cheap, but if you're not familiar with it, most people aren't comfortable figuring it out on their own. It's about $2.00 to ride it from the airport into downtown Chicago. I would do American Taxi and maybe you'll even see some other consultants around and can split the ride. Good luck! I know Chicago well, so please let me know if I can answer any other questions. :)
If you are coming from the airport, I'd suggest taking a taxi over the shuttle. I took the shuttle to and from the first time and it didn't work well going back. There are SO MANY Pampered Chef consultants filling the airport, it is easy to just ask a group if they'd like to share a taxi/cab with you. It is cheap if you split it between you all. We took a van cab and had 6 of us in there. It was only a few dollars.

Don't be shy to ask people in the airport if they want to catch a cab with you. You'll be able to tell if they are with PC.
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:D Thank You! Thank You! Thank You Ginger! :D

Don't know if you saw this, but this is a document that HO put up on CC. It has some more good conference tips!


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No Mary I didn't see it thanks a million.

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