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Got first real response from my promoting..


Novice Member
Aug 10, 2005
Well, I had mentioned about my window decal. Well today a neighbour I dont see often was out walking with her kids. She had seen my pc window thingy and asked about it. She wants to host a show and is going to call her friends to see when they can do it. She sounded interested and wants the free products!! Talk about a great person to get enthused when host coaching. Anyway, I hope she calls back soon and even if she gets busy and doesnt get to right away, I have a lead and a new person for my list :) I will give her a couple days and then give a call.

yay! She mentioned how she had been looking for someone who does it and would rather use someone from the neighbourhood that she knows.

Anyway, was so glad I got someone new.


Ann F

Advanced Member
Gold Member
Nov 11, 2004
I just got in from cluster mtg. One of our team members has the nice decal on her car. I mentioned it and she told me a woman (a stranger) called her to book a show after seeing her drive around with it!