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Getting Your Host To The Next Level


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Apr 14, 2004
Before leaving the night of the show-

"Before we close your show, you'll want to call everyone you invited who hasn't already placed an order or couldn't come tonite. This is an important step because if you invited them, you'll need to find out if they'd like to place an order."
"You'll be surprised how many will want to look at a catalog or check out our website to see what's new. The last thing you want is for us to close your show and then someone calls you with an order. I can't amend the order once it's sent in."
"It's not neccesary to pressure anyone, just say-"I'm going to be closing my show on____________ , they have a lot of new products, and I didn't want to leave you out. Would you like to look at a catalog or check the website?"