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First Kitchen Show Success: $160 Order and Host Benefits!

In summary, the two people who came only placed an order for $160. The show was a good practice for the upcoming show on July 19th where the other lady is planning to order $75 more.
...only two people came. I was a little disappointed because my friend across the street told me like, 10 times that she was coming, but didn't.

AND only one of the two people placed an order.


She ordered $160 by HERSELF! AND gave me the host benefits (it was supposed to be a Mystery Host). So my very first Kitchen show qualified as a show, AND got me all the host benefits! (which is great because I really wanted the Chillzane Rectangle server with the forks!)

AND to make it even better, the other lady booked a show on 19 July, and the lady who placed the order is going to go to that show and there's another $75 worth of stuff she wants to order then!

YEA!! :D :D :D :D

Think of it as a good first practice show. It ended up well and that's all that counts. Keep it up and you'll do Great. Great job and good luck. Let us know what your next show does. I'm cheering for you. :) :)
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I'm absolutely thrilled! I would have been happy enough just that anyone came! I wasn't expecting enough sales to make a show. I am very happy! :D :D
Congrats!Good show to practice with! Congratulations on
it qualifying as a show and most espeically on
the booking! One thing that helps is to have
your host (or you) 1. Call all the people they
intend to invite and tell them the where, when
and what. If they say they can't make it, offer
to get a catalog to them. 2. Send out the
invitations - even to those that said they
couldn't make it and 3. Make reminder calls a
day or two before the show - even to those they
declined. With those people you can just say
something like - I know you said you couldn't make
it but I thought I'd remind you just in case your
schedule changed and you are free. Also, if you'd
like to place an order, I can accept that until _____.

Another Thought...Hey! Congrats! That's awesome!

Another thing you might want to do is call the people who said they "WOULD" come, who didn't make it.

You could always tell them you are sorry they couldn't make it, but you were wondering if they would still like to order... :)


What are the benefits of hosting a Pampered Chef show?

Hosting a Pampered Chef show is a great way to earn free and discounted products, while also enjoying a fun and interactive cooking experience with your friends and family.

How do I prepare for my first Pampered Chef show?

To prepare for your first show, it is important to familiarize yourself with the products and recipes offered by Pampered Chef. You should also invite guests and plan out your menu and demonstration.

What happens during a Pampered Chef show?

During a Pampered Chef show, a consultant will demonstrate various cooking techniques and products, while guests have the opportunity to sample and purchase items. There may also be games and prizes throughout the show.

How long does a Pampered Chef show typically last?

A Pampered Chef show typically lasts around 2-3 hours, depending on the number of guests and the menu chosen. However, the duration can be adjusted to fit your schedule and preferences.

What are the requirements for hosting a Pampered Chef show?

The only requirement for hosting a Pampered Chef show is to have a clean and organized space for the demonstration. You do not need to provide any products or ingredients, as the consultant will bring everything needed for the show.

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