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First FR experience


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Sep 7, 2005
:( Well my frist Fundrasier turned out pretty weak as far as sales. It was a very small turnout to begin with. Only 1 order for like $15. But at least I got out there and attempted to get my name out there for the start of my new business! I handed out 6 catalogs, 3 minis, a handful of recipe cards with my contact info. and a snack with my contact info. So I guess exposure is what I got. 1 person who checked maybe for hosting a show. So I guess that's better than none!

So next is my Grandopening sunday and I hope it is a good one! My first catalog show did about $200 and a pre-opening mommy and me show did $350. So I am crossing my fingers I get the sign on bonus deadline 11-15-05! Got 5 more for this month, wish me luck! So far I'm really liking PC! I only hope it gets better and better! :D