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Farmers Market

Mar 31, 2005
Hi!!! I am doing a local farmers market this month and could use some suggestions. I figured I set up a table for people to "play" with the products with apples and pototoes. I think I read something about doing a cert. for the vendors??? I have done one craft fair and this is my 2 SS, and I don't know what to expect--new to this town/state. Thanks. I LOVE this site!!! :D
Mar 28, 2005
RE Farmers Market

I do a farmers market may-oct in our town, every other week. if you email me at [email protected], i can tell you more.. tons of stuff you can do! What state are you in??
take care


Apr 20, 2005

I would like some ideas for Farmers Market as well. Could you post them here for us all, so you won't get bombarded with lots of individual requests? I know we would all greatly appreciate it! :D Of course, any one else with ideas should jump right in also!




Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
I would do it just like I would any other fair...have my products displayed, have old catalogs to hand out, free prize drawing slips to fill out for a free product or free kitchen show, and I take samples (dip with pretzels, cookies, etc.)

There are a bunch of files here. Just do a search for FAIRS.
Jul 27, 2010
OK - so you all want to do Farmers' Markets. I do two in my town. Not a bad idea - BUT, the nitty gritty is as follows: You MUST follow the guidelines put forth by the Farmers' Market Assn - food MUST be in season - which means no apples or broccoli in the middle of the Spring! Even though your PRIMARY interest in the PC, customers come there, and the market is made expressly for, local farmers' produce. There have been other PC consultants booted out because they did not follow these guidelines. Be very aware of the rules of each market - they will give you copies of the guidelines.