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End of Month Shows

May 21, 2005
I have a show on 5/26. How quickly do I have to close it out to have it count toward May (there is a holiday in there, too.) If I can't close it out until June, does the hostess still get the May quick-stir pitcher special?
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Oct 5, 2004
The Show Date is how it counts for your host. Therefore, a May Show Date, will be entitled to May Host and Guest Specials, even if it is submitted in June (technically, you have until the last day of the next month to submit a show and still be able to get the previous month's specials). The day a show is submitted to HO is how it is counted for consultants. So, if you submit your May show by May 31, it will be counted for your May commission and incentives. If you submit it in June, it will count towards your June commissions and incentives. HTH!

Mary H.