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Discover the Best 3-2-1 Cake Recipe for Your Next Event - Easy and Delicious!

actually don't remember the details of the disaster that was my first attempt. But I know that I wasn't successful with the 3-2-1 recipe using a chocolate cake mix, and that adding eggs helped. I think you're supposed to put the icing on top and then cook it according to the recipe--or maybe start with the icing on top and then cook it?Do not use a chocolate cake mix for the 3-2-1 cake. The cake will be too moist. Use a regular cake mix and then add eggs.
Has anyone tried this recipe before? I have seen a few flyers with different variations of this recipe. I would just like some opinions about which ones are the best and easiest to cook.
I have a show next weekend and there are supposed to be between 12-20 people in attendance :eek: . The host would like me to make 2 rings and 2 turtle fudge skillet cakes but with the oven being used for the rings I will be suggesting the 3-2-1 cakes made in the microwave.Any suggestions and favorite ways to make this cake would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance :)

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at my shows, i have been making the german choc. cake in the micro. it is a hit, in fact i had a show yesterday and sold 5 of them, there was only 8 people there. just reg. german choc. cake mix and ingredients for it and coconut pecan icing. mix cake in batter bowl. scrape into flutted pan, using cooking scoops, scoop icing and place on top of uncooked cake mix. micro for 12 min. let sit about 5 min. invert and wurprise. an already iced cake in 12 min. in the micro. its a crowd fav.
I love the German Choc Cake - I make it at my shows too - but the recipe I use calls to put the icing first, in other words, its on the bottom of the fluted pan, then when it is done, you turn it out on the large square platter and the icing oozes all over! Either way - the guests LOVE it!

I just made the 321 Cake - yellow cake mix with choc chips for hubby - it is cooling now, came out of the pan perfect and smells so good!
Hey Autumn,

At that awesome show I just did with Kim we made a citrus-type cake with the fluted pan. Do it! Do it! Do it! We had a lot of stoneware sold especially since it's on sale this month and the cake is done in half the cooking time of an oven without preheating (emphasize that).

Although with the rain this afternoon, I wouldn't have minded a little more heat in the kitchen :p
My 321 CakeI made the choc chip cake. My microwave is 950 watts. The cake came out of the pan beautifully and was yummy, but I would say just a little over-done, just a little dry. I let it cook exactly 10 min and it was just pulling away from the pan. Im going to make another one the middle of the week and cook it 9 min - or maybe add a Tbsp or two of oil? What do you think?
The 3-2-1 cake is the same as the "14 minute (or 12 minute or 13 minute depending on who gives you the recipe) microwave cake". It is an awesome recipe and I often suggest it when the host chooses an appetizer for the main recipe. If she chooses a dessert I offer a dip with vegetables. Those are the only choices I give if they want two recipes and I haven't had any complaints. ;)
Help Me!I made a micro cake at my show on saturday and I had the host read the ingredients and do all the work for it. Well, the cake died! We took it out of the micro and inverted it and let the fluted stone sit on it for 10 minutes, like the micro said. When we took the stone off, half of the cake was done and the other half was still gooey and spilled all over. :eek: :eek: Needless to say, I didn't sell any fluted stones but it seems like I can never make that cake right.

Any suggestions for me would be greatly appreciated. I think that I won't be making that cake anytime soon for shows! :rolleyes:
With the weight of the icing, during cooking the icing fall to the bottom of the pan (or top of the cake). It is really neat and the guests are just amazed, try it i promise it works, great!
I tried to make my first cake by combining the two recipes--I did the 3-2-1 cake with a chocolate cake mix, with the three eggs, and then I also put my icing on top. I think that it was WAY too moist to cook. I am thinking that in order to use the icing, you must make the cake the way the box says to, and then put the icing on. Am I correct? I guess I figure that you can't mix the two recipes.

So, I then made the 3-2-1 cake with a yellow cake mix and chocolate chips, no icing. It cooked a LONG TIME in my microwave. I have an older, smaller microwave (the pan barely fits), and I had to rotate it every 3 minutes. It probably took about 20 minutes until it started to pull from the sides, but I flipped it, waited 10 minutes, and it came out great---it was SO GOOD!

I think I'll try it again, just keep experimenting until I get the icing one right.
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I just microwave a few tablespoons of prepared icing for about 13 seconds until it is drizzle consistancy and then drizzle it over the completely cooled cake (if the cake is hot the icing will all absorb into the cake - tastes good but not so pretty).
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Could you make the cake ahead of time just in case you don't like the results? Baking in a microwave produces too many variables. The age of the microwave, how powerful it is, the rotating of the turntable, and even power surges can affect baking. Don't forget that altitudes also affect microwave baking so you may have to adjust baking times as well as recipe ingredients.
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Autumn, I would be VERY careful about preparing that much food for your host. The goal is to provide a sample for the guests, not dinner :) You want everything to look easy. Fixing that much food can scare off potential hosts (cost) and recruit leads (too much work/dishes).
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no turntable in the microwaveMy hostess has a microwave w/o the turntable...how often should I turn it during the baking process? Will it take longer? Does it turn out as good?
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Of course every microwave is different BUT I turn mine every 3 minutes and stop at 12. Turns out awesome! Mine DOES have a turntable but the pan is too wide for the depth of my micro so it won't turn. The micro is wide enough, just not deep enough hence turning every 3 minutes.

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Can anyone tell me what this yellow cake with the chocolate chips is? It sounds great. I have both of those in my cabinet right now and would love to try it tonight.
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Jennifer - I just sent you the attachment.
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German Chocolate CakeI love the German Chocolate cake in the microwave! It is just too easy! I put the frosting on the bottom, make the cake as directed on the box and cook 10 mins in my microwave. Let sit for 10 and invert. The first time I make it I was amazed at how moist it was.

The last time I did the microwave cake at a show, I did Pineapple upside down cake. It was so easy. Crushed pineable with brown sugar, cooked in the small saute pan, poured into the fluted stoneware pan and then pineapple cake make as directed over the top. The hosts microwave was too small, so we ended up baking it, but I am sure it would be great in the micro also!
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BtwWhat is a 3-2-1 cake? I did not see it in attachments.
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3-2-1 CakeI'm with Shari, can anyone post that recipe as an attachment? I've done the Gingerbread Spice Cake & the Peanutty Choc. Cake (both done in the bundt pan & in the microwave), but I've never heard of the recipes mentioned in this thread.

I have a bridal show coming up in a couple of weeks and they've chosen the Choc. Satin Mint Cake. I was going to try it like these recipes in the microwave. Anyone ever tried a mint choc. cake version? :confused:
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Here You Go!Im attaching 2 docs with microwave cake/fluted pan ideas. I make the 321 cake at nearly every show now - I just have the host pick which flavor. Enjoy!


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  • 321 CAKE.doc
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Julie Where Are You In Sc???I live in NC - 20 miles from the coast....waiting for Hurricane Ophelia....so I am loving this website tonight! Stay safe!
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Where in SCCindy,I'm in the upstate of SC. Two counties below Clemson, SC. (Abbeville, SC) We are just getting some nice breezes here, but one of my past dance team members called me yesterday from Myrtle Beach and she told me that it was raining pretty good there. (I was her coach when she was in high-school, a couple of years ago).

The reason I asked you about Sheila, is her mother lives where I do & we go to church together. Sheila lives around Cacy, I think. I know that's on the other side of the state from where you are. (I think?!?!?) Sheila sells PC as well. She has driven to my town for years just to do shows here. (it's a 4 hour drive for her!)

I've only lived in my current town for 4 years. I l grew up one county north of this small little town. I grew up in Anderson, SC. It's a lot bigger than where my family is currently. This town is "everybody knows everybody and everybody else's business as well." Ha, ha!

I'm just letting my kids watch a little tv and waiting on my hubby to come home from making football DVD's for the local cable company.

Hope you all don't get hit too hard from the Hurricane! You're in my prayers!
c-ya and nice talking to you.
Julie :eek:
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Family in Outer Banks!Cindy,
I completely forgot that my mother's first cousin lives in the Outer Banks. I think it's the Outter Banks (sp?). You have to take a ferry boat to get to her house or town or something along that line!
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dumb questionDo you have to use sour creme in the cakes? What happens if you use the normal ingredients? I would like to try to make one that is why i bought my fluted pan, but i do not have sour creme on hand. :confused:
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All is well here with Ophelia so far - just drizzle but it is muggy and you can smell it coming! That is the south for you! Suppose to hit us later tonight. I work at one of our elem schools here and no school today cuz they have opened them up as shelters for people who live at the beaches. I am praying!

Hey Julie! I live in New Bern - it is beautiful here - we are about an hour north of Wilmington and are considered the Southern Outer Banks. Nicholas Sparks lives here and writes about my town in his books! We are about 23,000 people, just right. I grew up also in a town where "everybody knows everybody", little bitty & about an hour north of here and I was a cheerleader and daughter of the high school coach - so yeah I know all about those Friday night football things! It is some good memories! My younger daughter was on dance team here and my husband does the announcing for the football and baseball games here now! Its a good place to live - but about 8 other PC consultants...so some competition. It's pretty much a "hobby" for me tho, I do 4 or 5 shows a month and that is enough. I have a fundraiser going at my church's preschool which is going really well!

Hey Danielle - Ive never tried the cake without sour cream, but Im sure you could just do the recipe on the box. I can tell you this - a yellow cake will not brown and it is not as "pretty" as out of the oven which might surprise some guests, that is why a glaze or sprinkling it with powdered sugar is a good idea. It is still yummy though! I like to take a little canned icing in a prep bowl and just warm it in the microwave about 20 seconds and then pour it over. If you look at the first document, some of those call for pie filling instead of sour cream! The german chocolate one is awesome. Do a test run definitely at home first - look at it after 9 min. If it is pulling away from the sides of the pan, it is done, cuz it will keep cooking a little when you take it out. Good luck!
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Oh Julie - I meant to tell you - I know where Anderson is! Been thru there lots.
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Thank you so much for sending me the recipe. I was going to email you back and dummy me deleted my whole Inbox!! Recipe and all. I decided to check this site again and saw that you had posted it here to. Thanks again!!
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I wouldn't leave out the sour creamDanielle, I wouldn't leave out the sour cream in the Chocolate version of the microwave cake. I have before and it was a little dry. Call me crazy!!!

Like Cindy said, try it at home before you do it at a show!

Cindy I live 25 minutes below Anderson. My crazy mother-in-law called me from Ohio today wondering if we were getting rain from Ophelia. I told her "no", but to keep your family in mind!
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I have done bothI have made the micro cakes both ways. The german chocolate recipe I have uses the directions on the box. I have also made chocolate cake with chocolate chips also.

The pineapple upside down cake used sour cream.

They were both wonderful. I think it is a matter of watching the cooking times and not over cooking.
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Julie - thank you for thinking of me! It is just raining like crazy here, still hardly any wind but Im sure it on the way for later tonite. School is cancelled again tomorrow. All my Virginia friends (we lived there for a few years) are laughing at me that we close for "rain" - same as when we close for a week for 1/2 inch of snow! LOL
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Never heard of theseI've never heard of the 321 cake or the german chocolate cake with the PC tools. Are they from the PC website (I don't recall seeing them?

If not, can someone post them here or send them to me at [email protected]? Thanks.

1. Has anyone tried this recipe before?

It is likely that many people have tried this recipe before, as it is a popular and easy recipe for a quick cake. However, the opinions and experiences of those who have tried it may vary.

2. Which variations of the recipe are considered the best and easiest to cook?

This is subjective and may vary depending on personal taste and cooking preferences. It is recommended to try different variations and see which one works best for you.

3. How many people does this recipe serve?

The recipe for a 3-2-1 cake typically serves one person. However, you can adjust the quantities of the ingredients to make multiple servings.

4. Can this cake be made in the microwave?

Yes, the 3-2-1 cake can be made in the microwave. It is a quick and convenient way to make a single serving of cake without using the oven.

5. Any suggestions for making this cake for a larger event?

If you need to make the 3-2-1 cake for a larger group, you can make multiple servings at once by using a larger microwave-safe dish or by making individual servings in separate mugs or ramekins.

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