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Discover Septembers Special Host and Guest Deals | Learn More Now!

In summary, the September guest special is 20% off stoneware and the October guest special is 60% off any stoneware. It is recommended to wait until the third session of conference to post about specials, and to not post anything about specials until they are officially announced on the website. The new fall paperwork and catalogs should arrive by July 29th and the new catalogs will take effect on September 1st. The National Conference in Chicago is highly recommended for consultants, and there are usually exciting announcements and specials at the conference.
janel kelly
I was told what Septembers host and guest special is, but am not sure how true it is. Can I post it to ask or is that something I have to wait after conferences to ask?
specialsi would say to post it but im not going to conference, but if you want to be safe i would say post it on thurs when the 3rd session starts
Officially, home office asks that we don't post anything about specials, incentives, etc. until they are posted on the website. I believe the date I saw was July 19.
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I guess if its a secret til after conference I won't ask about it. I didn't know if it was a secret or not. The special I heard it was wasn't like "Wow" It seems to be just a normal special to me thats why I was curious if what I heard it was was true or not. I was thinking it was going to be something out of the ordinary. I guess I'll wait til after conference 3 to find out for sure.
Sept. SpecialDid you go to the National Conference in Chicago at all?
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I couldn't go but I know there are people there right now.
Sept. SpecialsThis was my first year at conference. I went to the first session and let me tell you, I will be going every year from now on!! Now that I am back I have a whole new outlook on my business and the products. Septembers Special is really awsome, this is where your selling the product comes in and hostess coaching too. This special actually doesn't happen too often. Before I was just here because of the products but after conference I am now commited to "my business" so no matter what the special is for the month, it is awsome and wonderful of Doris to allow us to have such specials in order to help us build our business.
Isn't conference great!?? It's so cool that it gets people more excited about their businesses and helps us realize that it IS a business and you can do amazing things with it. ALL of the upcoming specials are awesome! This was my 3rd time at conference and once you go, you always want to go!! I am SO excited about all the stuff they announced.
I'm at conference now and I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR THE ANNOUNCEMENTS!! I'm on my way to Opening Session!
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Can't wait to hearI didn't make it to conference this year, I am new, still in SS so I just didn't have the time to plan, but it is in my plans for next year. I am so excited about what the new items and specials are. Can't wait till the 19th! Woo Hoo :D
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I am inspired by all of the stories that I heard at conference, my SS1 was January so I wasn't sure I was going to go either, but I decided to pinch my pennies since everyone said it was so great and I went. There was a girl in one of my classes who just signed up July 4, Wow!
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My director called and told me what they new stuff is today! I am so excited to see it all!!!! It is going to be perfect in my kitchen. I'm so glad that I worked hard in the sell a thon!
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New Catalogs and stuffJust to clear up my crazy confusion - I am still pretty new to all this....I read someplace that we are to receive the new fall paperwork & catalogs by the 29th of July - am I correct? Also - the new catalogs take effect Sept 1st - right??? I just want to make sure I am clear on all of this. I could not go to conference because my daughter just got married last week...good excuse! I have a couple of hosts who want to wait for September and I just want to make sure I am correct on the new catalogs for then! Can't wait to hear about all the new products tomorrow on the website - until then, someone email me please!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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All the new products are posted under the chef announcements and feedback (I think thats what its called.) Its under the thread its ok to talk about conference now.
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September Guest SpecialMy director told me tonight that the guest special for September is 20% off stoneware!!! I hope that's right! I think that is a great special!!! Alot of people love our stoneware and I don't think many people would pass it up! :D Way to go PC!
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Kitchen ConsultantThe Sept. Specials is 60% off of the Stones any Stones. Oct. is more exciting
I can't wait, the new Roasting Pan that is origaninally $145 for $58 or the Lifting Forks For $10, Or the Carving Set for $18. Sorry if I ruined any of the fun for anybody but like I said I can't wait.
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I am assuming that is for the host? And where did you find the special for October so soon? So what is it for guests in Oct.?
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I went to my Cluster meeting on Monday, and my Director told us everything that she learned at Conference. Ladies if you are not going to Cluster meetings you should be. They are very informative and so much fun.
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I would be going if they werent 3 hrs away from me. :)
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I believe the guest special for October is if they purchase $50 in products they get the jar opener free. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I know its the guest special for one of the upcoming months. :p
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Believe me, if there were any cluster meetings around my area I would go!!

As long as we are on the subject of specials...does anyone know the host special for October? I have a show this weekend and would love to get the word out! Thanks!!
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I believe the host special is the roasting pan at 60% off or the meat tools or the carving board set. I haven't seen the flyer so I'm assuming they get they're choice to choose from one of the 3.
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i cant wait to go to my cluster meeting i am actually friving 3 1/2 hrs to get there cant wait
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October HOst SpecialIt's awesome!!! October hosts can purchase the Roasting Pan w/Rack for $58, Meat Lifters for $10, or the Carving Set for $18. :D

This is what I understand the host special to be. I guess we will know for sure when its posted on the web. I for one am really excited over the meat lifters. I struggle every Thanksgiving with two or three spatulas and an extra pair of hands to get the turkey out of the roaster!
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Awesome host specialWOW!! Thanks ladies! That is a WONDERFUL host special...especially before Thanksgiving! Let's hope October is a busy month for us all!
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cluster meetingsCan't your director find you a director closer to you, so you can attend those meetings? Surely someone is closer. You really need those monthly meeting to keep up and talk to other consultants. :)
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Sept. & Oct. SpecialsWow!! Those are great specials. I am so excited about them. Thank you all for posting the information. I find it easier to get bookings when I can explain what the full benefits are. Often times I will have a future host ask what all the bonuses are and if I can't tell them everything I feel unprepared.

Thank you all for all the great information not only in this post but within the website.

Christol :)
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Wish she could find me a hospitality director. But she checked with Pampered Chef and the closest director to me is 2-1/2 hrs away. So...am kinda on my own here. That is why I love this site so much. :)
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Did you guys here about the extra incentive in sales for consultants? I heard from my cluster meeting last night that August through October we have a chance to earn all three of the new PC totes (the ones you take to shows) If you get $1000 in sales they will send the first tote. At $2,000 in sales they send the next tote and if we get $3,000 in sales they will send the last tote, the big one on wheels. My director said they will send them as we make enough in sales. I'm super excited and am going to try to get all 3! Good luck.
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Yes, I am very excited about that. I will be sure to get one tote and maybe the second. August kind of slow month for me. My dh changing schedules at his job.
laura anglea
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Show to Go IncentiveI am very psyched about this incentive! I was holding off on finding an alternative system for my haphazard transport method, since I had seen the prototypes at Leadership. HO has made this so do-able, so everyone should be going to shows in style this Fall! ;) Start booking your August, September and October shows!

Just a note: the 3rd tote is earned when a total of $4,000 is submitted, not $3,000 as previously posted.
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Speaking of the Roasting Pan....LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!...Anyway...Don't forget that it is the July-August Recruiting Promo. I just received my Starter Kit on Monday...went to my first Cluster Meeting (with a Hospitality Director) on Tuesday and found out that because I started my business during this time, if- no, WHEN, I qualify by the end of my SS Month I will get the Roasting Pan and the Rack for FREE! Everytime I show the flyer to my friends, I get OOooos and AAAhhhs....great incentive to sign up now. :D
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The Guest Specials for Sept. are 20% off of any Cookware, Oct. is Buy $50 get The Jar Opener FREE,Nov. is (Guest) Buy $50 get the new Double Strengh Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract FREE!! Host The Simply Entertaing Set For 60% off and there are like 3 other things to choose from.
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WOW! We have it made here in Canada! For the show to go incentives. we get the tool turnabout tote at $600, the large square bag at $1200 and the big roller bag at $2400 and we have from Aug to Oct to earn it. :)
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Hey Marg! Is it hard for you guys to get sales or bookings up there because PC is so new? I'm wondering if they make it a little lower since PC is just starting out in Canada??? :confused:
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PC has been in Canada for 9 years now, so it's not too new. :)
I was surprised when I saw the requirements - I mean we had a logo lawn chair incentive and it was $2000 in sales for one and $4000 in sales for two and that was in 1 month!
I think that the home office here in Canada is really pushing to get more consultants ( I believe that there are only 4,000 across the country) and want to make this incentive achievable for everyone - even those just starting out.
I think it's great - I really want those bags! I think they make it much easier to get your stuff to a show and it looks much more professional. :)

PampMomof3 said:
Hey Marg! Is it hard for you guys to get sales or bookings up there because PC is so new? I'm wondering if they make it a little lower since PC is just starting out in Canada??? :confused:
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chefloriray said:

Wish she could find me a hospitality director. But she checked with Pampered Chef and the closest director to me is 2-1/2 hrs away. So...am kinda on my own here. That is why I love this site so much. :)

I agree Chefloriray. Even if my director found someone, but they were just as far, or further I don't think I could commit to going. One - with my husband being in the military and his schedule being as unpredictable as it is (he is on alert 24 hours a day for certain missions within the US for the next 6 months), I couldn't take that chance if he had to go and I was 3 hours away from getting to my 2 year old daughter. I know I am missing out and all, but I have to make do as well. My director is great about keeping me in the loop with emails and this website has been great too! Plus, my 2 recruits and I get together and share ideas. I guess you can say we have our own meetings. But when I move back to Texas, I know of a cluster that I will definitely be attending meetings with! That's the beauty of this business - you can be as flexible as your schedule and lives allow. Not many jobs can offer that luxury!
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For those of you who are 2 hours away from your cluster meetings, could you do a conference call? We had a consultant in my group that would call in and be on speaker phone because she lived over 2 hours away. She could hear all the announcements and still participate with everyone.
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Hi I'm new here.
I've been a consultant here in northern Ontario , Canada, since last Oct.
Are these host and consultant specials usually the same here in Canada? I just went to my cluster meeting last night and my Future Directer did not know about the Sept-Oct host and guest specials.
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It depends - somtimes they are the same and sometimes they're different!
I know at Conference they said that Sept hosts would be able to order the roasting pan, but I don't know if it's at a discount or if they can just order it early.
cheflizzy said:
Hi I'm new here.
I've been a consultant here in northern Ontario , Canada, since last Oct.
Are these host and consultant specials usually the same here in Canada? I just went to my cluster meeting last night and my Future Directer did not know about the Sept-Oct host and guest specials.
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So when willthis all be posted on the PC web site ?? I cant wait to see the new bags !! So they are sent to you as you hit each level .You do not have to wait right. So we have from August 1 st to October to earn these ! How cool is that !! They are making so almost everyone cam earn them ! That is great !! I love all the new promotions going on !!! So cool !!! :cool:
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Jennie4PC said:
i cant wait to go to my cluster meeting i am actually friving 3 1/2 hrs to get there cant wait

My director is out of state, therefore I attend cluster meetings with a hospitality director within my hometown. She is great. It works out becuase I get emails and updates from both directors.

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bags & totes incentiveDoes anyone know...once you reach $1000 & get the first item does that $1000 get wiped out & you start over or does it count toward your next item?
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It's all cumulative. You don't start over at each level. So the last level of $4000 means once you get $4000 TOTAL in sales, you get the bag with wheels.
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Sept. specialsI went to national conference but I had to leave because my children got sick. So I never got to hear what any of the specials are. all of the sessions are over but they still have not posted anything. If anyone knows what the sept. guest special is and you could please let me know I have a potential host teetering on Aug or Sept and she will not commet until she finds out what the special is. I would appreciate any info!!
[email protected]

Thank you
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Hi Morvin! If you are in the US, the sign-on bonus is the Roasting Rack Free if they sign between July-August 31st and qualify by September 30th. The September host special is 60%off one piece of stoneware and as a guest you get 20% off of stoneware! HTH! :)
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Let's Get STONED in SeptemberI've created a flyer that I am delivering to some of my past guests and hostesses. (There's one show that I don't think they'll find too funny :) )

Seasoned consultants already know this, but it's important that you do not share September until you get your August booked. You don't want to loose your August sales due to people holding out. I don't plan to share this info until the 3rd week in August.

Also, I have a special paragraph in there where I am offering an additional 5% if they order before September 13th. The 5%, I will pay for. (This actually serves two purposes: one, if they offer a "submit 2 shows by the 15th" special again, I'll have a jump start. And two, I WANT those new totes they showed off at conference!!!

Anyhoo, thought I'd share!


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Stoned flyerRita,

Thank you so much for your flyer. It was great. We have so many talented people here. :)
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oh my gosh that flyer is great!! Thanks for sharing it. :)

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