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Desperate Housewives Theme Anyone???

In summary, Erica ran a successful D.H. Theme Show and everyone had a lot of fun. There are a lot of ideas for themes that can be incorporated into a show, such as trivia, character descriptions, and costumes. The show was a lot of fun and would be a great way to kickoff the new season.
I've been trying (with little success) to come up with a D.H. Theme Show....Does anyone have any ideas????


DH ThemeI don't have any ideas yet but I think the theme itself would be awesome!
This could just be a twist on the Ladies Night Out. Using cute invitations saying that we're all desperate to get out with other women and have some fun, food and friends. You could ask them to wear something that might relate to the show and the recipe could be something decedant and extravagant (but not expensive) - definitely chocolate...
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OK, what about.....OK, what about doing some trivia...about the characters of the show. Each guest to answer correctly gets a point...the one with the most points at the end of the show gets a prize???

Ok....lets keep the ideas coming....we are just warming up!!!

I've never seen the show, but hear it talked about on the radio each Monday morning.
:rolleyes: Could guests dress according to their favorite character OR which one best describes them?
:rolleyes: Could guests find a product in the catalog that one of the characters would be quick to want and use (ie: Hold and Slice for onions - for the one the radio talks about that must not want to get her hands dirty. Simple additions for the chick that likes to do all the entertaining, etc.) The guest would then go around the room and share which item they think "so and so" on the show would love to have and why.
:rolleyes: Riddles or jokes shared with the audience during demo: **What does "so and so from show" and the food chopper have in common? Take out frustrations and cheaper than marriage counseling. **Wine bottle opener and "so and so" both like to be screwed (as opening the bottle). **If one of the people on the show are jealous or cheating husband, she needs the 8" chef's knife - ha!
It'd probably help if I've seen the show, but from what I've heard, this is kind of along the lines of it.
I know that Chris Manion (National Senior Executive Director) offers a Desperate Housewives show. On her website, she summarizes this for those who visit it:

Try our Better than Sex Cake at your own DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES SHOW! Choose from cranberry/almond BRIE to represent BRIE or STIR THINGS UP with Lemon Chicken Stir Fry to represent SUSAN. Consider the above Better Than Sex cake cooked right in our Family Skillet! Hmmm... We can even serve Lawnboy Lemonade if you'd like! Now you might be thinking we forgot about GABRIELLE ? nope! She is the flirtatious one who wants it all-especially presents. YOU are going to be just like GABRIELLE ? a "pampered" host with a lush spending budget we'll give you (average of $90 free to start!) and get all sorts of FREE products!

Sounds cute, but I guess I haven't really promoted it yet. I'm sure there are all kinds of things that can tie into this.
You should really watch the show - it's great!! It's such a hit with so many women and I think that hosting a DH show would be a neat change, especially to women who are very familiar with PC parties!

The trivia is a good idea as something to do while your recipe is cooking, etc. I will be thinking of some ideas too....The "lawnboy lemonade" is too funny!! Great way to sell some quick stir pitchers!! ;)

This wouldn't be for awhile but I think even a kickoff for the season premiere would be a good way to get the ladies together for 2 guilty pleasures....shopping and DH!!

The wheels are turning...............

~Erica :)
I have never seen the show either and would love to do a show based on that! Any ideas are great! Thanks for keeping them coming! :p
I love this idea!I can't wait until the new season starts to hold my own DH's party!! LOL
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The show was GREAT!!I just had a D.H. Theme Show this past Saturday and it was a GREAT success!! Everyone came alittle late - but I was running late myself too so it was okay ;) . I had everyone introduce themselves and say the character's name that describes them best in the kitchen (examples: Brie - gourmet and loves to impress her guests, Lynette - rushed and stressed most of the time, Susan - happy and doesn't want anyone to know she has trouble in the kitchen, Gabrielle - take out works best, E.D. - dramatic) The women had fun with it!! My host put on the invitations to wear an apron (if you had one) and most of the guests came wearing one! It surprised me!

On the menu: Tempting Tapas (which are GREAT - if you haven't made them yet, I recommend them for any show!) and a drink called "Wysteria Hysteria" - I found it in a magazine (either US or In Touch) I was reading a week before the show while I was getting my hair done! Very easy recipe....I was able to make it in my quick stir pitcher - 1 liter of Mountain Dew, 1 liter of 7 up, 1 cup vodka and lime to cut up and put in the pitcher and/or individual drinks. I doubled the recipe but not the vodka, I didn't want it being too strong.

I also had the housewives favorite products out (based on the characters). I got some of these ideas from a previous reply on this thread.
Gabrielle - US&G (doesn't like to get her hands dirty)
Brie - Simple Additions Entertaining Set
Lynette - Food Chopper (therapy for any housewife I think ;) )
Susan - The new citrus colored scrapers and trivets (to make her kitchen look cheery!)
E.D. - the knives in the cases (for the dramatic effect!!) haha

For decorations, I had simple solid colored fabric napkins with a string of pearls around the center (you can get them super cheap at Wal Mart) and a watering can with flowers in it. It turned out really cute!

Everyone really enjoyed the show!! I am still collecting outside orders and booked 2 more shows. They enjoyed it because it was different. Alot of these women were used to the regular kitchen shows and have been to quite a few. I just thought I'd share the ideas I found for a great show!!! I recommend doing this theme show!! It is alot of fun and refreshing to those who are more than familiar with PC!! :D I hope these ideas help anyone planning a D.H. show!!
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Best Idea YET !Ladies, THANK YOU ! I just recently "stumbled" upon this site through Google, and I cannot say how excited I am - especially since theme shows are going to be my focus with the new season around the corner. Everyone is always looking for something different - but a DH show!! :cool: WHAT could be better than THAT ??
If you're not watching the show now, catch up !! It's awesome ! One last thing that came to mind was "Heart Healthy" tips -- so that no one ends up like poor Rex in the season finale ! :rolleyes:

As soon as I do one of these shows I'll be SURE to post the results and share any promo materials I use.
Thanks again everyone !
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Heart Healthy...thats cute!!!!!
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Hey ladies,
I have a Desperate Housewives theme show also, and I made up a trivia game to play with the guests. For those who know the show, they really have fun with it! You can set it up any way you want...do all the questions at once, or throw some in from time to time. Whoever gets the most questions right gets a prize from me.

When I do prizes, I have twixit clip container that I put pink slips in, and the winner gets to pull out a slip. Here's what's on the slips in the container:
2 Free Shipping
7 Pick A Prize
7 Season's Best
2 Free Kitchen Shows
1 5% off order
1 10% off order
1 $5.00 off order
1 Free Product (up to $15 value)
2 1/2 off Super Starter Kits ($25 value)
Most of the slips are Season's Best or "Pick A Prize", which means they can pick out of my basket (citrus peeler, quikut paring knife, season's best, twixit clips, mini whipper). For the Free Kitchen Show, I tell them I'll provide all the ingredients for the recipe, as well as a beverage. For the Super Starter Kits, I tell them that if they host a Starter Show, then they can get the Kit for 1/2 off. If a guest really doesn't want to host a show or become a consultant, I let them pass the slip to the right until someone wants it. I tell the guests up front what they might possibly win. They seem to really like taking the chance! I use this container also with my "Let's be nosy" game at the end with my tickets.

Rebecca Bilyeu
Future Director


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recipes for Desperate Housewives partyBecky,

Where could I get a copy of those DH recipes you mentioned on Chris Manion's site? I tried to google that name but came up with some other consultants sight. Thanks

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haven't done one yet but here is what I have.


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  • Desperate Housewives Menu and Show Outline.doc
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gabriwill said:

Where could I get a copy of those DH recipes you mentioned on Chris Manion's site? I tried to google that name but came up with some other consultants sight. Thanks

I'm not sure where they ALL are, but here are the sources I'm aware of:
Better Than Sex Cake - I don't know if this is an official PC recipe, but hopefully someone out there has it.

Cranberry Almond Baked Brie is in the Celebrate cookbook. I don't think I have this one saved anywhere.

Lemon Chicken Stir Fry is an old Celebrations show recipe. I'll attach that one here.

I've also heard people mention "Lawnboy Lemonade" as a DH theme recipe. I'm sure you can use any lemonade recipe. I think one came with the Quick Stir Pitcher Use and Care card.
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Desperate Kitchen tools;) How about telling everyone to bring the kitchen tool that they are most"desperate" to replace. Or have a contest with them and the one most desperate wins a prize(10% off the item they need)!!

Sounds like fun!! Let us know!!!

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here is what I have come up withso far..... i have the questions from this web site ! Ty they were awesome , i created a flyer type of invite , iam going to try to attatch it , i have never done this so if it doesnt work and you want it email me and i will be happy to send it ! UGhh cAnt do it is says invaild file type ?? Any clue ??
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try pdfIs your document resaved? I have done this before and had to convert it to PDF to save it on the site. If you go to www.pdf995.com you can dowload a free program to save in pdf. You just click on print then pdf995 and it will save your document for you.

1. What products do you recommend for a Desperate Housewives themed party?

For a Desperate Housewives themed party, we recommend our Stoneware Rectangular Baker, Mini Deep Covered Baker, and Round Covered Baker for serving up delicious appetizers and entrees. Our Simple Slicer and Food Chopper are also great tools for preparing ingredients quickly and easily. For drinks, our Chillzanne Pitcher and Tumbler Set are perfect for keeping your beverages cold and stylishly displayed. Don't forget to use our V-Shaped Baking Pan to create a dramatic and elegant dessert!

2. Do you have any recipe suggestions for a Desperate Housewives themed party?

Yes, we have many recipe suggestions for a Desperate Housewives themed party! Some of our favorites include Bree's Famous Lemon Bars, Gabrielle's Spicy Shrimp Cocktail, and Lynette's Chicken Parmesan Casserole. You can find these recipes and more on our website or in our recipe books.

3. How can I incorporate the Desperate Housewives theme into my table decorations?

There are many ways to incorporate the Desperate Housewives theme into your table decorations. You can use our Garden Party Table Runner and Napkins for a floral touch, and add some drama with our Black and White Damask Tablecloth. Our Mini Cake Stand and Pedestal Bowl make great centerpieces, and you can even use our Decorative Cake Stencils to create a fun and playful design on your desserts.

4. Are there any Pampered Chef products that would be helpful for hosting a Desperate Housewives themed game night?

Absolutely! Our Large Round Stone is perfect for making delicious homemade pizzas, which would be perfect for a Desperate Housewives themed game night. Our Quikut Paring Knives and Kitchen Shears are also great for preparing snacks and cutting through pizza crust. And for a touch of elegance, you can serve your drinks in our Stemless Wine Glasses or Martini Glasses.

5. Can you recommend any entertaining tips for a Desperate Housewives themed party?

Sure! One tip is to create a signature cocktail for your party, such as a "Desperate Housewife Martini" or "Wisteria Lane Punch". You can also play popular Desperate Housewives episodes in the background for some added ambiance. And don't forget to set up a photo booth with props like aprons, feather boas, and fake pearls for some fun and memorable pictures with your friends!

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