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Survivor vs. Desperate Housewives


Aug 5, 2005
I just scheduled a show for January and the host wanted a theme show. I gave her a few examples and she liked Survivor and Desperate Housewives (her 2 favorits shows) the best. She says she wants ME to choose. I've never done either one and I would just like everyones suggestions on which one I should do.

Thanks in advance for everybodys opinion


Jul 21, 2005
I am doing a DH show tonight

SoI will let you know how it goes. I am making Baked Brie with Carmelized Onions, and "Susan's Cheesy Broken Heart Love Triangles" (cheesy artichoke triangles) I am going to attempt to attach my show outline, and my trivia questions. I also bought the "People-Special" magazine on the Desperate Housewives (it was on the stand when I was at the grocery checkout yesterday) It has great facts and pictures.

Luckily, my hostess is really excited about this party -she even bought some DH potholders and the music cd to give away as door prizes!

Wish me luck - I will post this weekend with more info :)



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