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Cute Little Game to play


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Jan 4, 2005
Got this off my loop. A consultant was asking what was a good game at a show where she knew absolutely no one except the host, to break the ice. I really like it and plan to use it next Friday night - any ideas on different questions? I'm not crazy about the last question - the one about Theme Shows - people may not have an answer at all for that one and that may be ackward.

"Ask yourself, Why would someone want to come to your show....and come back again?" That's a tough question. We discussed what an ideal show should consist of. There are many answers. Everyone agreed, get your guests involved. so......

Looking for another way to get your guests talking at the show? This was a fun idea I heard at conference and tried last night and it went very well.

Pass a bowl of M&Ms around the room. (right now I'm using the Chillzanne mini-bowl) Let everyone take some. Throughout the demo ask fun questions and give tickets for sharing. Draw a ticket for a prize at the end. You can cover alot of info. while cooking and having fun. Everyone enjoyed this.

Who has a red m&m? You guys are hot! Does anyone have a hot tip in the kitchen you want to share?

Who has an orange m&m? "Orange you excited?" Share a product you are really excited about!

Green: Green is the color of money! You can earn great extra money doing what I'm doing. Who wants to ask me a question about my job?

Yellow: You guys are sunny and bright. What's your favorite PC recipe (or product....I've been asking that at the beginning of the show)?

Brown: Who is tired of burning things? What product can you buy tonight to replace the one at home, so no more burning!

Blue: You guys need a pick me up! What is your favorite PC theme show??

This allowed for a ton of interaction, sharing and laughing. Plus, I learned a few things! I couldn't remember all of it, so I wrote it on an index card and placed it on the side of my table. No big deal.