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Consultant Catalog Labels????


Sep 26, 2005
Has anyone out there got any interesting catalog label templetes, samples or ideas? These would be the lables that go on your catalogs identifying you as a consultant, consultant #, phone number etc.

Also, do most of you print up address labels for yourself, ya know for when you mail out things? Or do you spend money buying custom made labels?

Do you guys ever send out invites via email? If so what does your email invites look like?

I hope this is not too many questions......

Tricia Ann :)


I actually bought a stamp from Town and Country when I first started that has my name, Ind. Kitchen Consultant, address, phone and email address on it that I use to stamp all of my catalogs, etc...

I make my own labels when I need them and I just use the PC logo on the left side and all my info. on the other. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done! You can download the logo from the website. I have been thinking of getting another stamp that has my web address instead of email, but I haven't done it yet.


Sep 26, 2005
Great Comments !! Thanks

Interesting !! Thanks !!
Tricia Ann :)


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Nov 24, 2004

Trisha Ann,
Do you have a Pampered Chef website? If so, send an email e-vite to yourself for one of your kitchen shows (or a bogus one...you can delete it later). This way, you can see what your host and guests will see.

You can also use evite.com. There are MANY templates to choose from. I've used these for other personal parties and get-togethers. It is free. And we love free!

As far as labels: I don't stamp anything. I do make my own. I have about 4 different sizes of templates/labels (Avery or offbrand that fits Avery template). One is very small (80 to a page I think) and they fit perfectly on OOF's, etc. The other is your 1" that I use for catalogs, etc. The other is a 2" that I use for return addresses on big envelopes and boxes. I have the logo and all my stuff on it, and "Join the Fun" under the logo.

Looks like your other questions were answered. HTH!


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May 6, 2005
I have a stamp as well that I put on everything, but I also put labels on the front of the catalog (or on the mini catalogs) that hopefully attract some attention. I'll attach one in Word format that is perfect for the Avery 8160 labels. Hope that helps!


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Oct 11, 2005
To stamp or not to samp

Hello! I actually have a stamp that I sue on the order forms and labels from Town and Country that I stick on the catalogs. They have my address so I use them as return labels as well. I was just stamping catalogs, but they would get smeared. I'm not patien enough to wait for them to dry.

I also have labels I can print up, just in case.