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Clueless w/?? with potential bridal shows


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Sep 7, 2005
I am pretty new and have 3 potential hosts to solicit come spring time. I was wondering with regarding tool turnabout ideas, pampered bride apron and bride cake. Do you suggest to the host to purchase these items for the bride beforehand (to have them at the shower) ?? Or do consultants give them as gifts to the bride?

Also the cake looks pretty small for say a large bridal shower. Is it used just as a displayer and have a sheet cake premade to serve guests?

One last thing... do you actuallyy do a demo since (this is no ordinary show) or just go over the recipes with the guests and focus more on the bride and games, ordering and such? Just want to start planning just in case I get any of them to agree to a PC bridal show!

thanks for any feedback-input! :rolleyes:


Dec 14, 2005
I am wonderiall the same things! :) I was thinking of making the bride cake just as a decoration for the table I'm renting at a Bridal Expo. Just as an eye catcher. I'm nervous but so excited!