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Cake Tester/Bake Sale Idea for you....

May 16, 2005
If your school is having a bake sale type thing, here is an idea you can use!!

Take the Cake Tester and put Gummy Worms and other such things on it (like a skewer)...and you have a candy shish-kabob!!

Not only are you the hero of the class moms...because you had this brilliant idea..!! But also, attach your business card (use one-hole punch) with a tiny ribbon....and you have inexpensive advertising!!!

Or...you can even "donate" and sell them as they are..place them in a sturdy glass....remember to attach your business card!!


...What do you think???


You wouldnt even have to go to the trouble of punching the hole and tying the ribbon. At the top of the cake tester is a round part that splits...put your business card in that slot! :)

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
It would be cute to make one of thos dirt cakes with the gummy worms in it and then put one of those gummy worm skewers in it. :)
Apr 5, 2005
Just think of all the multiple uses for that little cake tester!! I use mine a lot for the polymer clay crafts that I do (so tiny for the details!!)...I'm sure the uses for it are endless!