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New idea for silicone floral pan

Mar 4, 2009
It was my daughter's b-day and she wanted a garden cake. Trying to rack my brain thinking of what to do for flowers. I made a box cake and crushed the outside of an oreo cookie for mulch and sprinkled it over the frosting.
Then I used different colored starbursts (used 5 starbursts of the same color)and put them in the greased silicone floral pan and melted them in the oven.
The 5 starbursts was a perfect thickness. Just enough to cover the bottom and get a good imprint.
I only used the 4 flowers/roses. After they melted and cooled off, I just popped them out and stuck a toothpick in them. Added some gummy worms.
I had a white picket fence picture frame that I stood up in the back and put some pictures of her in.
It came out really cute. I love my floral pan!:balloon:
The only thing I would have done differently was use longer wood b-bq sticks and cut them for diffent heights. Just an idea that you could use/share.


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Jan 21, 2005
Yes! Pictures. What temp and how long to melt the starburst candy?


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Aug 10, 2008
LOVE my silicone floral cupcake pan too. will try this -sounds like fun. I requested that p chef come out with a 24 cup mini floral cupcake pan. think that would sell great!


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Mar 26, 2008
Sounds really cute! But I have to agree ...


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of course!!!

Mar 4, 2009
I will try to get pictures posted. My good laptop is down. I baked them at 350F and kept checking them to see when they were completely melted. I could have used chocolate too, but the starburst really gave it a brilliant color.
Love the idea of a mini floral pan probably would have looked better if they were a little smaller.