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Broken Stones


Apr 20, 2005
Is it just me, or have you all had a lot of broken stones lately? I feel like I'm doing more product adjustments than I am shows! I like the fast shipping, but if pieces are arriving broken, I don't think it sends a good message to our customers. I'm not sure if it is PC or UPS to blame. The last few shipments didn't seem like they were packed very well. Too much space in the box for things to shift around, and only one little "foamy thing" on top. On the other hand, one box I received, the box itself was so smashed up, I find it hard to believe that it could have left the warehouse in that condition, so I think UPS had to be responsible for that one. Just venting.
Apr 5, 2005
Broken Stones, lost customers...

I have had the 'broken stone' experience lately, too! I've had shows where I'm talking about the stones and people say that theirs cracked, broke, etc...they sent them back and got replacements, which also cracked! This hasn't just happened once, it's been at several shows! I know that there are faulty stones, and you'll expect that, but for the same person to get two in a row...that's really hurt my stone selling! I'm not sure if it was in the packing or shipping, but it's sure frustrating!