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Pampered Chef: Blue's Clues Cake

  1. paydaymom

    paydaymom Member

    My son turns one on Thursday and I am really hoping to do him one of the blues clues cakes. I got the batter bowl with my starter kit and w/ kitchen enhancement I order the prep bowls, which by the way I love. What I wanted was some suggestions b/c I have not actually found this recipe. Would you just use one cake mix? Then divide amongst the bb and four prep bowls? Also how long do you bake a cake in the batter bowl. I was thinking if you did the batter bowl full it would be to high to the rest of the paw? Any suggestions I would greatly appreciate. Although this past two wks my family has really been spoiled by all the cakes I am making in the microwave w/ my new fluted pan. Love it. Thanks!!!
    May 16, 2005
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