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Creative Batter Bowl Cake Ideas with Pictures

In summary, Nicole shared some great ideas for batter bowl cakes, but was unable to provide a picture. She asked if anyone had pictures and if not, were willing to share their recipes. Ginger shared a football cake recipe and an egg cake recipe.
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Hello. I am helping a downline consultant (and myself :p ) with Batter Bowl Cake ideas...however, she is one who has to see a picture before she can totally understand it.

So, I was hoping that all you wonderful consultants here in Cheffers' Land would be able and willing to help. (Was that enough of a buttering up job?;) )

Things like: bee hive, volcano, Barbi, Blue's Clue paw, lady bug,...you get the idea. If you have done something with a batter bowl and have a picture of it, please post it!

I have done a search for Batter Bowl Cakes, and found lots of great ideas, but no pictures.

Thanks so much!:D
batter bowl picsNicole I sent them to you . Here they are for the rest of you all. I had gotten them from some great person on here:) This site is great


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morethere is a cute teapot one also but the file is too large if your interested shoot me a email


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Oh my gosh, those are all SOOOO cute! I need to get more creative and do some of these! I have a wedding shower tomorrow and I wasn't going to do one, but now I feel inspired! I am already bringing a pre-made Raspberry Dream Cheesecake, I'm demo-ing the Molten Chocolate Skillet Brownie and they hosts are already having another cake, but this one would be perfect. I love the idea of the Baked Alaska cake as the base because it makes the skirt look so cool! Hmmmm, let's see if I'm feeling ambitious tonight or tomorrow morning.:rolleyes: :confused:
I unfortunately don't have a picture but I have made a football for my son's football teams party. Bake the cake in BB and slice in half so that you can put both wide ends together, ice with chocolate frosting and use white icing for the football laces. You will have half of a football...you could also make an egg with this same concept.
the doll cakes -- do you just stick a whole barbie into the cake and frost her... um, top? LOL.. wow, that sounded bizarre..
LMAO....they sell half dolls...I have pics of a ton of cakes but i dunno how to get them here:( :( :( :( :( . Hubby yells at me all the time, says I spend day & night on the puter, but have no clue what to do with it except play games;) ;) ;) . Hes right!!!:cool:
beehive cake ?:confused: is that chocolate frosting or candy bars around it?
Ginger428 said:
LMAO....they sell half dolls...I have pics of a ton of cakes but i dunno how to get them here:( :( :( :( :( . Hubby yells at me all the time, says I spend day & night on the puter, but have no clue what to do with it except play games;) ;) ;) . Hes right!!!:cool:

LOL well, what do i know!? hehe.. I'm used to being comic relief (I think that's why my hubby married me!;)) to upload the pictures, you just click on the manage attachments button at the bottom of this posting screen, and then hit the browse button and look through your puter for them. do you save all your pictures in your "my pictures" folder or some other place? that's where they'll be. double click, hit "upload" on the chef success pop up screen, and it should work for ya.. hopefully they won't be too big to upload -- that's a whole different ballgame! hehe.
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Oh, I made a birthday cake for my son (his 1st birthday).. it was a pumpkin. (he was born on the 31st) it turned out really really cute.. well except for the fact that i was in a rush (of course) and i frosted the cake while it was still warm.. so the frosting got really warm after i piped it on and started to "droop" if you will.. but oh was it SO GOOD to eat while it was still warm.. worth the droopy design. LOL but of course i didn't take a picture. next time.
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No...my problem is I have all the cook books with them, so I have to scan them first & then get them over to here:( . The other bad part is my hubby & I share the same cable & printer/scanner, but everything goes to his first, cuz I was added on later. LOL...yes we have different puters ( we dont like to share our toys);) So maybe if I get him in a good mood one day:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: he'll help me with it.

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I have made the football cake and an egg cake. They both turned out really great. These dolls cakes make me want to have a girl to cook them for!!!! Maybe I need to find someone to cook one for!
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Football CakeHere's my photo of the football cake. Used green colored coconut for "grass."
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These are adorable, thanks!
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thanks for the little barbie cakes!! i did a big one for my daughter last year and of course this year she wants another one....these will be perfect!!
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Flyer I created...Here's a flyer I created to put in my host packets. My hosts are very excited about these!

BTW, I'm still looking for pictures, if you have some that you can share, I would love to see them!



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Bump for Brenda K
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DS wants a Rocket Ship cake for his b-day next Monday...so I will be attempting the Rocket Cake pictured in the Celebrations Cookbook.

I'm not known for my cake decorating skills. DH was dubious of my ability to get this done. I'll show him!
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I just made two doll cakes this weekend, I used a 1/2 cake mix and the small BB for one, and covered her dress in fondant for a centerpiece for a Prince and Princess preschool ball, and the other I used the class BB, and then an 8 inch cake pan on the bottom trimmed to size, to fit a whole doll in the cake- I covered her legs with wax paper first to keep the cake and frosting off of her. and if I could figure out how to post a picture here I would- otherwise I will put them on my profile page. :)

Related to Creative Batter Bowl Cake Ideas with Pictures

1. Can you share some creative batter bowl cake ideas with pictures?

Yes, absolutely! Here are 5 unique ideas for batter bowl cakes:

  • Ice Cream Sundae Cake: Fill the batter bowl with layers of cake, ice cream, and toppings like hot fudge, sprinkles, and whipped cream.
  • Fruit-Filled Cake: Layer slices of fresh fruit with cake and top with a glaze for a refreshing and colorful dessert.
  • Dirt Cake: Crushed Oreos, pudding, and gummy worms make for a fun and delicious treat.
  • Layered Birthday Cake: Create a mini-layer cake inside the batter bowl with different colored cake layers and frosting.
  • Cheesecake Filled Cake: Fill the batter bowl with cheesecake batter, then pour cake batter on top and bake for a delicious surprise inside.

2. Are these batter bowl cake ideas difficult to make?

Not at all! These ideas are simple and perfect for beginner bakers. Plus, with the help of our batter bowl, you can easily create beautiful and unique cakes without any special tools or skills.

3. Can I use any type of batter or cake mix for these ideas?

Yes, you can use any type of batter or cake mix for these ideas. Whether you prefer homemade or boxed mixes, these creative batter bowl cake ideas will work with all types of cake batter.

4. How do I prevent the batter bowl cake from sticking?

To prevent the cake from sticking to the batter bowl, make sure to generously grease the inside of the bowl with cooking spray or butter before pouring in the batter. You can also line the bowl with parchment paper for extra insurance.

5. Can I use the batter bowl for other desserts besides cake?

Absolutely! The batter bowl can be used for a variety of other desserts such as pudding, trifle, ice cream, and even savory dishes like casseroles. Get creative and have fun experimenting with different recipes in the batter bowl.

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