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Apartment Complex Show........

Mar 27, 2006
I met a lady who is the Office Manager for a nearby apartment complex. She wants to do a show in her clubhouse on the 20th of this month and invite everyone from the complex. I am very excited, but dont want to get my hopes up too much because I am unsure of how the outcome will be since she wants to put a flier on everyons door to let them know about the show. Because there will be no way to ensure how people will be there, should I do an open house thing from 2-5? Or should I plan it like a normal show and do a demo?
I also told her that I would make up a flyer and bring it by on Tues to see if it would work. Does anyone have any sugestions?


Try an ice cream social

There is a thread out here that has some good ideas on ice cream socials. You could promote that there will be an ice cream sundae bar and give them some hands on experience with the tools. You could set a time for a demo but still leave it open to drop in anytime. Let us know how it works.



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Apr 13, 2004
Check out something called a Potato show

Somewhere out here is something called the potato show. This way you could simply do it as an open house, no food unless you want to prepare something ahead of time and do a demo using a potato. I found that when I do open house type things, a full fledged demo is just not good. This way you could do the potato demo several times when you think there are enough people around or just part of it if someone asks about something. It takes only a few minutes but this would demo the USG, the knives, the Food Chopper, Cutting Boards, you could also use the Apple/Peeler/Corere/Slicer, and the vegie peeler. This way you get product use but no cooking needed.
I know I have seen soemthing about it out here somewhere.


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Mar 6, 2006
Here ya go

TheAmazing Potato Demo!

18” x 22” Cutting board $22.00
V-Shaped Cutter $8.50
Crinkle Cutter $9.75
Cheese Knife $8.00
The Corer $10.25
Food Chopper $28.50
Ultimate Slice N Grate $45.00
Hold N Slice $3.50
5” SS Knife $18.75
Lemon Zester/Scorer $8.50
Deluxe Cheese Grater $19.50
The Grate Container $4.25
Tool Turn About $14.75

Showcasing a total of $201.25 in tools for the cost of a potato!

Here’s a sample show:

“I’m going to just take a few minutes to show you some of our other quality kitchen tools using this potato. You’ll have to use your imaginations from time to time because this talented potato is going to represent a LOT of other foods. Now, first it’s just going to be a potato. I’m using our 18” x 22” cutting board to protect Jen’s table AND my knives and other tools. This cutting board won’t dull your knives or your food chopper’s blades and this well around the outside holds ½ cup of liquid! That really comes in handy when you are slicing meats or watermelon!
Now I’m going to cut off the end of this potato with the Crinkle Cutter and make a ‘waffle fry’. (Cut off a small slice with Crinkle Cutter) You could fry this up in a little oil or bake some on one of our stones. This Crinkle Cutter is a really useful tool for making decorative vegetable trays and it chops up a whole head of lettuce in a snap!
Next, I’m going to put this potato in this food holder that comes with our WONDERFUL Ultimate Slice N’ Grate. These blades are really sharp and will give you paper thin slices of potato so you can make your own potato chips! But imagine this potato is a zucchini! Won’t these thin
slices be perfect for casseroles to help you get rid of all those zucchini next summer? I love fried zucchini too! (Take the remainder of the potato off the food holder) This tool is called the Ultimate Slice and Grate because you can also grate foods or make thick slices too. (show other blades)
Now, I’ll just use the rest of this spud to make a little candle holder. I know you are thinking that I have really LOST it up here, but bear with me! Now, it’s Fall and this potato is a beautiful ripe red shiny apple! I’m going to take a small slice off of the bottom so it will sit flat - you might not have to do this with a real apple, but this is a potato. Then, I’m going to cut all the way around the apple with the V-shaped cutter to make a pretty edge. This is one of the tools that I got in my starter kit for my original $100 investment in myself. And I have to tell you that when I saw it, I thought to myself, “well, they must have had to get rid of a lot of these things so they started putting them in the Super Starter kits!” But actually the kit is made up of our top selling items and this
little gem is one of them! I used it at Halloween to make perfect triangular shaped eyes
Mar 27, 2006
Thank you all so much for your replies! How do you think I should make my flyer? Should I put a show start time, or should I put something like "Demos on the hour" for like a 3 hour time period? Just trying to find the most intruiging (sp?) way to get people to come.


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Mar 29, 2006
I'd do a PC BINGO. I set a time to start. I'd make a few cheap yummy things ahead of time. (ideas: Brownies, Smore's Bites, Chips/Dips, Crackers-Cheese, Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake, Cheese Ball & Crackers, Creamy Peanut Butter Dip with Apples, Celery & Pretzels. Just to name a few. These things you can change out and add new depending on how many people show up.)
With her giving everyone flyers if you might want note a special if they bring a guest. Or have a special if they RSVP (Extra FREE BLACKOUT card). Can you bring your own people? I usually have at least 2 hosts book for a BINGO and they bring their guests so you would have at least those. Check out this flyer. Look for the PC BINGO instructions here in Bookings. Let me know if you have any questions. GOOD LUCK!


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