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Anyone have ideas for an ice cream party?


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Nov 16, 2005
I am doing an AI show on Tuesday and thought it would be fun to do the ice cream sundaes. Does anyone have any ideas on what higher priced items I can use?

I am going to use the rectangler baker for brownies, the food chopper for nuts, the egg slicer for strawberries, and one of the knives for bananas. I have no clue what else to use. Maybe the colander bowl set, can opener and can strainer for pinapple.

Any thing else?


Jan 8, 2006
You can whip some cream up in the stainless steel bowls, using the ballon whisk, use a spatuls to scoop the cream into the accent decorater for "fancy" whipped cream on the sundaes.


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Jan 19, 2005
Toast almonds in the Executive Cookware!
Do you have the HWC cups and plates? If so, serve the host her sundae in one of the cups to help with May bookings.
Use the grating blade to create chocolate ribbons with the Ultimate Slice & Grate.


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Oct 30, 2005
you can use the rectangular Chillzanne to make the ice cream sandwich torte - I think it is in the current SB. I haven't made it myself, but another consultant I know has done it and she puts it together on the flat side of the frozen piece so that the ice cream doesn't melt while you put it together...


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Oct 7, 2005
The ice cream sandwich torte is YUMMY! I did this recipe when I hosted my first show, and since I didn't have any stoneware at the time, the consultant & I made it on my cutting board.. it was SO good.. I think I ate probably half of it myself.. hehe. You could always halve the recipe if you dont want as much or if you're having a bunch of other things along with it.

mary k

Silver Member
Mar 1, 2006
Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake

2- packages of ice cream sandwiches
2- bottels of caramel sundae topping(Or your choice)
1 -Large Cool Whip
Dry roasted peanuts- chopped optional

In your Rectangular Baker cut one box of sandwiches to fit in the bottom. Then put on half the Cool Whip and then pour on one bottle of the carmel topping. Then cut the second box of sandwiches and then put on the Cool Whip . Then pour on the second bottle of caramel topping. Then sprinkle on nuts. Put in the freezer.

This will be full and I does this as my first demonstration so it can freeze.


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Mar 6, 2006
Best Dressed Banana

Have EVERY1 bring a dressed banana ( ie...barbie or ken clothes, or stuff used for arts & crafts etc..) Have prizes for best dressed, funniest etc...Then have EVERY1 make Banana Split Sundaes!!! :D :D :D :cool:

Mar 20, 2006
Ice cream Social File

Here's what I have to do a Ice cream social party. Hope it helps


  • IceCreamSocial-BetheFirst.doc
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  • IceCreamSocialingredients.doc
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May 6, 2005
I LOVE ice cream social parties. I like to promote those in the summer. If you have the SA Essential Set, definitely use that to put all the toppings in. I like to put three of the bowls on the huge square platter with various toppings. You can use the squares too for things, but then put the gallon of ice cream on the open spot on the large square platter with the ice cream dipper. You can fill the EAD with whipped cream. It's like a "Build Your Own Sundae Bar" all contained on the large square platter.

Good luck!!! These shows are fun!


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Jan 17, 2006
SA Stands

Definitely use the SA hospitality stands to display your delicious ice cream, toppings and fruit.
All three stands are perfect and great prices to increase sales.
And of course I love the baskets lined and ready to display ice cream cones, waffle cones, bottles of chocolate topping, caramel topping, etc
You could also use the new chillzane sectional server ($49.50) to display cold fruit and a yummy dip. Maybe even a flavored cool whip, cream cheese dip!!
Have fun and let us know how it turns out!!!


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Nov 16, 2005
I knew I could count on you guys. What would you think about doing the mango salsa too. That way I could show one of the SB recipies?


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Jan 4, 2005
We had a training seminar at the beach this weekend and one of our stations was an ice cream sundae bar!
Most suggestions have already been posted but some other things I can remember are:

Toast coconut in the Executive 8" saute pan. Just put on the stove for a few minutes - no oil. Stir with scraper until browned. Doesn't take long and smells sooooo good. Tasted awewsome. Guests are amazed of course that it comes out without sticking. Serve right from skillet if you want - let it cool a little of course and place on silicone hotpad. Guests can see the skillet up close! Or put is SA small bowl.
Use the Microplane Grater with choc chips and let them grate chocolate.
Cherry & Olive pitter for cherries
Use pineapple rings in the can - drain with can strainer. Pour in colander bowl. Lift one at a time with bamboo tongs and place on cutting board. Cut into chunks with apple wedger. Seems "pointless" at home - but the guests will love it and shows off lots of products for one can of pineapple!

Great demo because it is very hands on.